The markets will always rise and fall.

We saw it happen again this week when stocks had their worst day since 2020 … only to end the next day higher.

And rather than let Mr. Market be your guide to buy and sell, you should let him serve you.

So, during these downturns, don’t react to every wiggle and jiggle of stock prices.

Instead, ignore them and follow Charles’ latest insights to making money right now. You can catch up on them below.

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1 Way to Beat the Market Like a “Super Investor”
Here are Charles’ 3 must-read insights, 1 word for you to ponder and 1 question for you this week … including how to invest during inflation and beat the market on a consistent basis.
How Much Privacy Do You Have From Big Tech?
Big Tech has thousands of pieces of data on each one of us — and uses it to make money. Yet we don’t get a cut from them selling out our privacy. Find out what Charles has to say about this by listening here.
Don’t Be Bitcoin’s Greater Fool
Every year or so, Charles calls up some of Wall Street’s best and brightest. And he asks them: “What am I missing about cryptocurrencies?” Their answers have remained the same. Read them here.
Bear Market Cheat Sheet  Your Bear Market Cheat Sheet
Short-term trading is a very hard way to make money in the stock market. That’s why Charles gave up doing so more than two decades ago. Instead, he follows an approach with these three simple guidelines.
 “Give Me a Crystal Ball — I’ll STILL Do This”
Even if Charles could predict the next recession … he wouldn’t change a thing. He’d still buy and sell companies the same way he is now. Watch his Real Talk Video to find out why he’s sticking to this approach.


Lina Lee

Lina Lee
Senior Managing Editor, Real Talk