At just 42 years old, Linda Rendle is breaking the mold.

She’s the first woman to ever be named CEO for The Clorox Company, and one of the youngest executives currently featured on the Fortune 500.

She rose from being a sales analyst to the top position at the company in just 17 years. Rendle has always looked for new and innovative ways to push boundaries and, in her own words, “make things bigger.”

Even before taking on the role of CEO, she helped to broaden product lines, bolster sales and launch an initiative to create new products and cut costs.

Now, in the midst of a pandemic, Rendle is successfully navigating the demand for her company’s disinfecting products. She’s working to ramp up production by 50%, in part by halting the manufacturing of Clorox’s specialty items.

And she’s not slowing down any time soon.

CEOs with the drive, strategy and execution of Linda Rendle are the exact type of people you want to see running the businesses you invest in.

These are the kinds of CEOs that unlock shareholder value — they position their companies for growth and cut costs.

And these are the kinds of CEOs Charles Mizrahi stocks his portfolio with.

Look for Alpha CEOs

With 37 years of experience in the market, Charles knows just how important a great CEO is to the health of a company.

In all his years on Wall Street, Charles noticed that hardly anyone looks at the CEOs of companies. It seems like no one cares. They’ll even actively invest in a company with a poor CEO. And it shows … when they end up with losing investments

But if a company doesn’t have an Alpha CEO, Charles won’t give it a second glance. Think about it this way…

A stock is nothing more than a piece of a business. If that business is being run by a charlatan, chances are, it’s going to fail one way or another.

Put a good business in the right hands, however, and you’ll quickly see the difference.

For example, with Linda Rendle at the helm, Clorox isn’t looking at an unfulfillable demand. It’s looking at an incredible opportunity. And managers like her make businesses truly great.

These people are superstars of their industries — Alpha CEOs who bring experience, innovation and a reputation for increasing shareholder value.

That’s why every manager in his Alpha Investor portfolio belongs in the “CEO Hall of Fame.”

One in particular that we’ve been looking at made a name for herself as a star athlete — before becoming the CEO of a company in the heart of the $3.5 trillion health care industry.

She’s setting it up to soar!

But right now, it’s trading below Charles’ buy-up-to price.

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Nicole Zdzieba
Assistant Managing Editor, Alpha Investor