Is this a “V-shaped” recovery? After we saw so much green on the board this week, that question deserves an answer.

I’m happy to tell you, as I have been all through this crisis, there are clear skies ahead.

But the truth is, we’re not there yet, and I explain why in today’s video. This recovery will take on a different shape, and there are good reasons to expect that.

Some Bad News for You (and Also Some Good)

This pandemic crisis is unprecedented, but there are still lessons to learn from the past. And based on what we know, it’s far more likely that we will test the bottoms we saw in late March, with stock prices forming a “double bottom” pattern.

The good news is you can be smart with your investments – and still come out ahead – if you recognize the different phases of this process, which I break down in today’s update.

This week you’ll find out:

  • Why stocks went up this week and why we’re not out of the woods yet. (00:37 – 01:36)
  • How to spot the three phases of a bear market … and why that’s so important for you. (1:36 – 6:50)
  • The two things that will show you we’re headed for sustained gains. (6:50 – 7:10)

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Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman

Editor, The Bauman Letter