Hey Kings,

All good things come to an end…

Sorry to say, the red-hot win streak of my Weekly Watchlist and free trade recommendation came to an end this week.

I’ll dive into those details in a bit, but I wanted to open with the bad news because the rest of this letter is all good.

We had an absolute killer week in the Trade Room.

We saw signals every single day that led to gains anywhere from 25% to over 100%.

I don’t have the space to list all those winners here, but I can share a few of my favorites.

Monday’s biggest winner was in LYFT calls brought to us by the DayTrade scanner:

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Modest gains, sure… But cash is cash.

On Tuesday, the DayTrade scanner struck again… This time in KHC, one of my favorite stocks to trade.

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We also saw a fast 25% profit in CZR on Tuesday thanks to the DollarAce scanner.

Wednesday saw a slew of signals, the best of which were in CHPT and SOFI:

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Bruce made 340% in SOFI on Wednesday… Great trading!

Shout out to Rob and Tim for their triple digit winners in CHPT.

But as good as the early part of this week was, yesterday took the cake.

PINS hit two scanners yesterday, MoonShots and DayTrade, and immediately gave Trade Room participants quick profits:

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A few minutes later, the DayTrade scanner, being the all-star that it is, gave us another signal in JNPR:

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But as awesome as all of these gains were…

As happy as I was to see all these Trade Kings folks making money…

The very best message came from Miguel:

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That’s right… Miguel was traveling in Europe, hopefully having the time of his life, all thanks to me… His words!

Miguel, the pleasure is all mine.

I’ll be traveling to Europe myself in a few weeks… But don’t worry, I’ll still be in the Trade Room every day, and I’ll still be providing my watchlist and free trade.

And don’t think I’ve forgotten… We’re getting to this week’s miss in just a sec.

But before I do, I should mention something about my newest strategy…

One which utilizes the most elite scanner I’ve ever developed…

Tracks only the biggest, smartest bets Wall Street elites make the second they make them…

And has a total return of 139% over 33 trades in the last four months…

That strategy just closed another official trade in FCX yesterday for another 100% gain…

This is a big deal, folks… There’s no other way to put it.

And once the doors open for access to my new strategy, the room will fill up fast.

So, if you want to avoid the rat race, you can enter you name right here, right now… And be first in line when the doors officially open.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.

Now, onto the watchlist.

The Kings Corner Watchlist Recap

As I mentioned earlier, it was a brutal week for the watchlist.

But weeks like these happen.

In fact, we’d been on such a hot streak, I’d say it was likely to happen sooner or later.

TPR fell 2% from $36.40 to $35.53.

CRZ also fell 2% from $45.76 to $44.68.

LYFT fell 3% from $15.45 to $14.98.

And WBA fell 3.5% from $37.47 to $36.13.

The free trade recommendation didn’t fare much better.

We had been on a five-week winning streak, with four of them hitting as triple digit winners…

But the idea to buy WBA August 26, 2022 $38.50 calls for $0.15 did not work out this week, as those calls have only decreased in value since I recommended them, and are now about to expire worthless.

But, like I said, weeks like this happen.

I like to use them as motivation to come back even stronger… That’s been a recurring theme in my trading career, after all. (More on that Monday.)

And on that note, I hope everyone has a restful weekend and comes back ready to hit the ground running.

As for my Trade Kings members, I’ll see you bright and early in the Trade Room on Monday.


Andrew Keene
Editor, Kings Corner

P.S. Miguel, if you’re reading this, I want to congratulate you again.

That message seriously made my week.

And if anyone else out there has made money with me, whether here or in the Trade Room, go ahead and write me @TradeKings@BanyanHill.com and tell me all about it.

Tell me how much you made, on which trades, and what you plan to do with your winnings!

Man, this is fun!