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1 ETF to Profit From Your Pantry

Russia provides about 28% of the European Union’s oil imports, which would need to be sourced elsewhere in the event of an import ban. That’s a big reason why oil prices shot up over 3% in response on Monday and remain 42% above where it started the year. It’s also another example of how Russia’s actions over the last month have plunged commodities markets into disarray, with the world’s largest economic bloc rushing to reconfigure its energy supplies. Ted told you about the new opportunities emerging as the global energy trade is turned on its head. Yet there is another … perhaps even greater … disruptive force at play that is already sending shockwaves well beyond the borders of Europe.

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Let’s Talk Turkey: The Real Inflation Villains

One thing I like about Thanksgiving is the opportunity it presents for stimulating conversation. I’m not talking about heated political debates. Over the years, I’ve figured out a clever way to avoid this entirely. No, I don’t disinvite people I disagree with. I simply prime myself with a couple of interesting, but little-known facts. I wait for the right moment, then drop the bomb … gently, of course. And just to make sure there’s no blowback, I focus on issues where everyone will agree. Republican or Democrat, it doesn’t matter. So, in service of your Thanksgiving table, allow me to offer 2021’s Bauman’s Diversionary Topic™…

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2 ETFs to Profit From the Labor Shortage

Last week, the GDP report showed the sharpest slowdown since the recovery. It has nothing to do with demand. The problem is supply. Companies aren’t delivering due to shipping, shortage in materials and, more importantly for our conversation today … labor. Because that’s creating a massive boom in robotics and automation as businesses respond to this labor crunch. In today’s Your Money Matters, Ted Bauman and Clint Lee show just how quickly this industry is growing and two different ways to play it. You’ll also find out what Ted believes is “one of the greatest hidden opportunities in the market today.”

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