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5 Strategies to Beat an Ominous Underlying Market Trend

Predicting the future direction of the stock market is a damned if you do, damned if you don’t proposition. That’s why some analysts avoid it altogether. They say you can safely ignore the ups and downs of an index like the S&P 500.Others say that predicting market direction is a waste of energy. Just buy the right companies, and it won’t matter. Those answers wouldn’t satisfy most subscribers to my Bauman Letter. People constantly ask me what I think the market is going to do. They’re right to ask.

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A Far Bigger Threat Than Evergrande or the Fed

The Evergrande crisis shocked the world. Federal Reserve Chairman Powell announced tapering could start as soon as November. And China continued its crackdown on cryptocurrencies. It was bad news for investors across the board. But these threats aren’t the real cause behind the market craziness last week.There is a hidden force that exerts an ever-growing influence over the stock market. It is single-handedly responsible for the increasing number of sharp swings up and down. Today, Clint Lee reveals what that is and the smartest, safest way to play this volatility.

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