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Africa is a “crypto continent.” This “Crypto Continent” Is Home to Innovative Startups Africa is known for growing amazing coffee. But did you know it’s also a hot spot for blockchain startups?
No Year-end ‘Window Dressing’ Needed – Our Core Strategy Gains of 2017
by Optin October 25, 2017 Wall Street Front Runner
Since last month’s update (9/27/17), we closed eight more trades in Wall Street Front Runner. Six “core” trades from the S&P 600: Axcelis Technologies Inc. (NASD: ACLS) … +4.8% NMI Holdings Inc. (NASD: NMIH) … +1.5% Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc. (NASD: PPBI) …     +0.0% Photronics Inc. (NASD: PLAB) … -3.7% Par Pacific Holdings Inc. (NYSE: PARR) … -5.3% […]

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