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The White House and the Senate agreed to a $2 trillion stimulus package, but the COVID-19 fallout is far from over. Senate Knows Best?; Sucker Bets on Jumbo Jets
by Joseph Hargett March 25, 2020 Great Stuff
Mo’ Money, Fewer Problems? They did it. They finally did it. By “they,” I mean Congress … and by “it,” I mean a stimulus package deal to combat the coronavirus. The Senate and the White House announced late last night that they reached an agreement on a historic $2 trillion spending bill. (That’s trillion with […]
gold is coming back Don’t Count Gold Out — It’s Coming Back With a Vengeance Gold is failing as a safe haven. But the weakness is temporary, and investors looking to safeguard their portfolios have the chance to get ahead of the crowd. Anthony Planas shares why now is a great time to take a position in gold before it becomes a popular safe haven again.
These 2 Safe Stocks Will Surge 122% The carnage is full of bargains. That said, we still need to be safe. Here’s how we can find cheap, safe names in the stock market bargain bin…
msrket rebound after covid-19 COVID-19 Market Rebound: Stocks to Buy at Rock-Bottom Prices When the markets are trading at a discount, it’s an even better opportunity to buy into these mega trends at rock-bottom prices.
Nothing says “market confidence” like two interest rate cuts in less than a month. Great Stuff has you covered — with stock market confidence to spare. Fed on the Run; Apple Stunned; Airlines Plunge
by Joseph Hargett March 16, 2020 Great Stuff
When the Fed Hits the Fan… Anyone else feel like they’re stuck in a time loop? This morning, U.S. futures trading halted after hitting a down-limit loss of 5% … again. Then, immediately after the markets opened for regular trading, stocks plunged 8% to trigger another halt … again. This fresh round of Wall Street […]


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