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Can Tesla Investors Handle the Truth?
by Joseph Hargett May 20, 2019 Great Stuff
Tesla Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) is in trouble and could really use its own Lt. Daniel Kaffee right now. Investment firm Wedbush analyst Dan Ives just issued a “code red” on the electric vehicle (EV) maker, citing a host of concerns. We were going to ask Wedbush for an interview, but we have deadlines to keep. If […]
Trade War … What is It Good For?
by Joseph Hargett May 14, 2019 Great Stuff
Game of Thrones fans and investors have something in common: writers throwing out the baby with the bath water. Chinese trade deal writers threw out months of agreed-upon concessions, sending the trade deal spiraling back into the war zone. The result is the biggest game of “I’m rubber, you’re glue” the world has ever seen: Trump:“Here are […]
Why Investors Love Share Buybacks Share buybacks have risen in popularity because corporations see them as a good way to return value to shareholders. But lawmakers think this deal is too good to last. Anthony Planas explains why you don’t want to miss the buybacks trend.
Fuel cell technology is a massive disruptive trend that has escaped most investors’ attention. Invest in Fuel Cell Technology’s Massive Opportunity Fuel cell technology is a massive disruptive trend that has escaped most investors’ attention.
The Free Cash Flow (FCF) Yield Shows Us When to Invest Today, there’s a lot of angst that this market is too expensive and is due for a pullback. Free cash flow boils through a lot of the noise to tell us where today’s market is.

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