As 2017 comes to a close, my suitcase is calling to me. See, at the end of every year, I like to skip town for a little R&R after celebrating the holidays.

It’s become sort of a tradition with me. (This year, it’s Peru.)

I’m sure you have some of your own unique holiday traditions as well. Maybe it’s going around your street caroling, taking a night to see the Nutcracker, buying three Christmas trees at once … or just making sure the entire extended family can get through a night without the police getting involved.

Here at Banyan Hill Publishing, we also have an “end of the year” tradition: Our editors like to take this time to look ahead to the new year and make their big stock market predictions.

These are the main insights you’ll want to know when you ring in the new year.

So this time, we decided to share those stock market predictions in a week-long special series in Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily. Each editor shared their prediction on what the big movers and shakers are going to be in 2018 — and how you can take advantage of them.

In case you missed those important nuggets, some of those stock market predictions included…

Paul : Our tech expert Paul is forecasting Apple’s fall next year. As he wrote, “2018 is the year where I believe you’ll start to see that this once-great American company has peaked.”

And it’s because of one big reason…

It’s a big call, so if you missed it, be sure to read the forecast by clicking here.

Matt Badiali: Our expert in all things natural resources, Matt Badiali, sees one unexpected metal rising in 2018 — platinum. As he says, “In 2018, demand for platinum will rise 2% to 8 million ounces. Supply will fall by 1% to 7.75 million ounces … It wouldn’t surprise me to see platinum prices rise 25% next year.”

To read more, click here.

Ted Bauman: Meanwhile, our asset protection expert let you in on 12 ways you could save on your taxes before the end of the year. His handy list is your one-stop shop to prepare you before the tax law changes in 2018.

You can read about it right here.

To read the rest of our editors’ stock market predictions— on everything from bitcoin to the overall market — just click here.

Now, as you might remember from last week, I also asked you to make some stock market predictions for 2018. Here are a few examples of what was on your minds:

  • A political shake-up is in the works … Some of you said there’s going to be a big shake-up in Washington. Fisher Y. writes: “I believe President Donald Trump will be ousted sooner or later in the 2018.”


  • Next year, a sell-off is coming … Vic G. writes: “I believe that we may very well find the markets off of their current levels by 10% to 20% or more by the end of 2018. There is too much political smoke coming from Washington. Though the market remains solid, the threat of bad news causing an immediate sell-off is real. Especially with stocks at an all-time high and investors continuing to chase the bull market. Merry Christmas, and thank you to the entire staff at Banyan Hill. I’ve had a very profitable year and look for that to continue in 2018.”


  • Cryptocurrencies are going to be big … Lastly, we saw a huge amount of interest in the cryptocurrency market’s next move. Francis K. writes: “Finding just one good crypto currency to invest in and hold for three to four years might be extremely profitable.”

Thanks to everyone who wrote in! And keep it coming. You can always reach us at, or you can leave a comment at!

With all that said, I hope you get to kick back, relax and enjoy the holidays with those closest to you. It’s been a great year, and I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for us all.


Jessica Cohn-Kleinberg

Managing Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing