In 1975, when most people were still using typewriters, Bill Gates had a vision for the future.

He founded Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) with the goal of making software for the growing personal computer market.

By 1987, he became a billionaire, thanks to its success.

Anyone who invested $1,000 in Microsoft when they went public in 1986 would now be worth $7 million.

Today, we’re at the next Microsoft-making moment.

This time around, AI is the new technology shaping our future.

Bill Gates has famously said: “A breakthrough in AI is easily worth 10 Microsofts.”

Well, Bill Gates is wrong…

Because an AI breakthrough could be worth as many as 20 Microsofts!

AI Boom = $150 Billion in Wealth & World’s Youngest Billionaire

So far, the AI boom created $150 billion in new wealth in just six months.

We saw the world’s youngest self-made billionaire: a college dropout turned startup founder who built a 10-figure net worth by age 24.

We’ve seen 126 startups … tiny, obscure companies worth next to nothing … suddenly jump to $1 billion or more in value.

And we’ve seen select tech stocks soar…

NVIDIA and Other Tech Stocks Soar

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And it’s all thanks to the very first signs of the AI investment cycle.

I called this boom in 2019 … before ChatGPT or NVIDIA became a trillion company…

Take a look:

Back then, I recommended an AI stock that had something other companies couldn’t compete with.

Here’s what I said about it…

Companies have only tapped into a small part of the big picture.

Google’s use of AI has been limited to mainly software and household devices.

Apple’s use of AI has been limited primarily to things like smartphones and tablets. Ditto for Microsoft and Tencent.

Amazon’s use of AI has been focused on e-commerce.

And NVIDIA is mostly involved in the chips that power AI computers.

But I’ve identified one company poised to take FULL advantage of the ENTIRE AI revolution…

A company with an astounding 3,489 patents.

That’s more than Google…

More than Microsoft…

More than Apple…

And more than double the number of Amazon’s patents.

That company was Xilinx. And AMD recently bought it out for $49 billion.

It was the biggest deal by a chipmaker in history…

And a $49 billion payday for Xilinx investors!

I’m seeing an opportunity today that could be even BIGGER.

You’ve seen how AI has done so far. So you can only imagine what’s coming…

We’re not talking about investments into cannabis, 3D printers or EVs — here today and gone tomorrow.

AI is something that we’ll be talking about at least into the next decade. And companies are going to be making billions and billions of dollars through it and by way of it.

AI is all around us now. It touches all aspects of our lives.

  • Credit card companies use AI to analyze your spending patterns so they can recognize suspicious threats in real time.
  • AI is being used in cybersecurity, predicting where the next attacks will be based on all the data coming in.
  • Manufacturers are creating more efficient supply chains with AI telling retailers when to stock up on certain items.

No question … AI will have a huge impact on our economy and the way we live.

AI is expected to create $15.7 trillion in new wealth in the next six years — a historic amount.

That’s 10,366% growth in less than a decade!

AI Growth in Wealth & Patent Powerhouses

And it can’t happen without one company…

Patent Power: Exclusive Rights Drive Billion-Dollar Fortunes

Throughout the course of history, it’s not the inventors of revolutionary breakthroughs who reap the biggest rewards…

The riches go to the brilliant inventors who hold the exclusive patents to new technologies and products that change everyone’s lives.

For example…

Henry Ford didn’t invent the automobile…

But he did have 273 patents on assembly line technology to bring cars to everyday households.

As a result, his net worth swelled to $200 billion in today’s dollars!

Rockefeller wasn’t the first to strike oil. But his company, Standard Oil, held a third of all refining patents by the late 1800s.

This allowed them to refine and distribute oil and gas for the automobile industry.

So it’s no surprise Rockefeller amassed a $340 billion net worth in present-day dollars.

A more recent example would be the first iPhone. It had its very own patent!

And that propelled Apple to become the world’s first trillion-dollar company in history and they continue to soar higher! They just crossed the $3 trillion threshold.

Now, imagine the possibilities with a company that owns a staggering 2,740 patents … each of them critical to advanced uses of AI…

A technology that is ushering in the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”…

The biggest companies in the world know this firm’s 2,740 patents are critical to their AI futures.

That’s why Google, Amazon, IBM and even NVIDIA have scrambled to partner with this AI Patent Powerhouse.

And so have 89% of Fortune 500 retailers!

My research shows that the real fortunes in AI will be made from this one company.

Real Talk: The AI revolution is ON. It’s still in the first inning. But if you procrastinate, you risk missing it.

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Charles Mizrahi
Founder, Alpha Investor