They drive us crazy. Pestering ads that follow you around the internet. They pop up on Facebook and YouTube videos and clutter your favorite webpages.

But they are all there because advertisers are making money.

And that’s not going away.

Today’s Bank It or Tank It is on a company that is behind the scenes of these ads. But it doesn’t make the ads.

It offers a new platform for serving up ads in tenths of a second, aimed right at you, the consumer.

The Trade Desk Inc. (Nasdaq: TTD) is revolutionizing ads for the digital age. It offers advertisers a dashboard for quickly spotting key metrics and an exchange for bidding on ad space.

In my video, I break down what Trade Desk’s fundamental, sentiment and technical analyses mean. And it’s all to tell you whether you should bank it or tank it.

Check out the video below to see what my price target is for this innovative stock.

In my video, I highlighted a key takeaway that anyone can use from my series — a starting point for stock research.

It’s not meant to be a final take on a stock. Instead, it gives us an idea of how to trade the stock, for the short term and up to the next 12 months.

And our favorite way to trade this company is to go with the trend. That’s the direction we want to place short-term trades. We can use options to potentially amplify returns.

If you are new to options, don’t worry. I put together a quick-start training course so that you can hit the ground running after watching a short video. Click here to check it out.

I’ll be keeping tabs on Trade Desk, along with all of our other Bank It or Tank It stocks, right on my Twitter page: @ChadShoopGuru.

I’ll keep readers posted on key price levels, target prices and other updates through Twitter. So make sure to follow me.

And this week, I added something special for readers. I brought on my colleague Anthony Planas to add another take. I asked him to dive a little deeper into the fundamentals. After all, my specialty is with the charts.

So, be sure to check out his video on Trade Desk, where he takes an in-depth look at the company’s fundamentals — beyond my Bank It or Tank It approach.

And join the conversation on Twitter by using #bankit or #tankit. And mention me to ask me about stocks you want me to take a look at.


Chad ShoopCMT

Editor, Quick Hit Profits