Before you buy a stock, you need to ask yourself one question: What’s my edge?

What do you know that the person on the other side of the trade doesn’t?

If you know more than they do, you’ll make money. If they know more than you, you’ll end up as roadkill.

However, if you have an edge when trading options … then the world is your oyster.

Watch my video below. I talk about how important it is to have an edge for the chance to make serious money on a consistent basis.

I tell you about a system my colleague developed — that knocked my socks off!

And I share with you how he’s using it to revolutionize options trading.

Having an edge is the key to making money.

I spoke with my colleague about his proprietary system on options trading.

After learning about his extensive research, and how he’s systemized it, I assure you he can guide and show you how to get profitable results again, and again.

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Charles Mizrahi

Editor, Alpha Investor Report

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