It’s no secret that millennials have a bad reputation.

They’re responsible for killing industries.

They’re fueling the “Great Resignation” because the COVID-19 crisis taught them that life is too short to stay at a company with no work-life balance.

This generation is replacing in-person meetings with Zoom, family time with FaceTime and live concerts with virtual ones.

If you’re not a fan of change, it’s easy to dismiss millennials as self-centered.

But if you do, you’re bound to miss out on exciting new innovations — and massive profits.

Look at cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin, the first crypto, has only been around since 2011. And yet, over that time frame, it’s minted as many as 100,000 millionaires.

And millennial millionaires are all-in on the tech too. The CNBC Millionaire Survey reveals that 83% own cryptocurrencies. What’s more, they plan to add more this year.

The same survey reveals that 53% of these millionaires have at least half of their wealth in crypto!

The same can’t be said for the older generations.

Only 4% of baby boomers and a quarter of Gen X investors hold any sort of crypto.

That’s a mistake.

As Ian King reveals in his latest presentation, there’s another crypto rally headed our way. And it has the potential to be 20X larger than the last one.

But, this time, the gains won’t be coming from bitcoin. They’ll be generated by an alternative crypto that experts are calling the “Next Gen Coin.”

So I encourage you to follow millennials’ lead … and discover what the next crypto rally could do for you.

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