Imagine collecting upfront income like this:

  • $2,040 on July 17.
  • $2,150 on June 26.
  • $3,350 on May 29.
  • $2,320 on March 6.
  • And $1,700 on February 6.

That’s cash paid directly into your account.

Over the past seven years, you could’ve collected nearly $300,000 in potential payouts.

Now, it almost goes without saying, but that kind of money represents larger-than-normal positions. An average investor, taking smaller positions, would collect less.

But the potential here is incredible.

And here’s what makes this strategy so mind-blowing: You get paid for agreeing to buy shares of a stock you already want to own — at a discount!

The “1-Minute Windfall” Strategy Is a Win-Win

And even better?

In every new trade recommendation, Chartered Market Technician Chad Shoop breaks down exactly why you should want to own the stock — and at what price.

Then you make the call. If you agree, you make the trade, collect your income and wait about three months.

That’s right: Using this strategy, you collect income upfront on every trade you make!

In many cases, you won’t end up owning shares of the stock — but you still get to keep the income you collected and put your capital back to work in a new trade.

Last year, Chad recommended 35 trades. In all but three of them, his subscribers were able to collect the income without purchasing shares … then turn around and do it all over again.

That’s how this strategy can be so lucrative.

Chad and Real Wealth Strategist Editor Matt Badiali call it the 1-Minute Windfall strategy.

Chad gives you all the information you need to make the trade in about 60 seconds.

Then bam — the money hits your account.

Take a look at the separate windfalls Chad recommended in the last four months of last year:

$42,750 in Potential Payouts Last Year

And it’s up to you how much money you make. Chad tells you in each trade recommendation how much you could collect.

Depending on how much you were able to commit, instead of $5,900 from the six trades above, you could have pocketed $11,800 just as easily.

Or, if you preferred, you could have collected $2,950 — not bad for about six minutes of effort in a few months!

Last year, these trades totaled $42,750 in potential payouts:

Now, you might have heard from our team about this offer. Matt and Chad opened up discounted acces to this strategy to new readers earlier this week. The team wanted to close the doors on that offer yesterday.

However, as a valued Winning Investor Daily reader, we want to make sure you get every opportunity to learn about this strategy.

So we’ve convinced them to keep it open for our readers for the rest of the day.

But just a heads-up: It closes at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time tonight.

To learn more about the system — and Matt Badiali’s bold personal guarantee that this strategy will help you generate $2,500 every month for the next year — click here now.

I mentioned that Chad released 35 trades last year. That averages out to about three per month.

So you could collect your first payment as soon as next week!

One trade could be worth thousands of dollars to you depending on your position.

Don’t just take it from me. Folks like you have been cashing in on their own 1-Minute Windfalls:

Image of e-mail testimonial praising the one-minute windfall strategy.

Image of e-mail testimonial praising the one-minute windfall strategy.

Image of e-mail testimonial praising the one-minute windfall strategy.

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Good investing,

Kristen Barrett

Kristen Barrett

Senior Managing Editor, Winning Investor Daily