What a week it’s been for the stock market!Finally, we see a rally that actually held for more than a day.And although I have my doubts about how “real” this rally is, the profits we’ve been seeing in the Trade Room because of it are very real.I feel like I say this a lot… But we had Trade Kings members claim triple-digit winners every single day this week.With weeks like this, I wonder if I should stay in Nicaragua more frequently! Now, let’s get right to the highlights.On Monday we saw triple baggers in T, COST, SNAP, and MARA, with Shalu banking the biggest gain of the day with 183%!

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Tuesday, we had triple-digit gains in TSLA and MARA, but the biggest winner came from a signal I called from the PennySpike scanner in BBBY.

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Ikechukwu made 250% in less than an hour! And just a few hours later, Tim made an insane 510%!That’s some great trading, but the fun didn’t stop there!Wednesday’s winners came from triple baggers in PDD, KWEB, and BABA.Thursday, we had big gains in NOVA, BA, and GOOGL.

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Tim got in the action again with a 90% gain in just 12 minutes!And today, we had folks making over 100% in AMZN, GME, and AAPL… We also had people taking major profits in JD puts I called on Thursday.

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Vicki made 450% in JD!And again, Tim M., a veteran in the Trade Room, made 80% in LCID in just 12 minutes.Great freaking trading people!It’s been an awesome week for those in the Trade Room, and for me, as I’m lucky enough to lead the very best trading community in the world from anywhere in the world!And it’s not too late for you to join us. All you have to do is click here for all the details regarding how you can join the best trading community the world has ever seen and start trading like a King today.

Now, let’s see how my watchlist and free trade fared this week.

The Kings Corner Watchlist Recap

When it rains, it pours! Pours profits, that is!4/5 of my watchlist stocks were winners this week.AMD rose 3.7% from $58.84 to $61.06.KO rose 4.8% from $57.66 to $60.43.SNAP rose 15.6% from $8.42 to $9.74TSLA rose 7.4% from $207.90 to $223.49And BABA, the sole loser, fell 1% from $62.97 to $62.30.But if you think those winners are impressive, wait until you see what my free trade did.The idea on Monday was to Buy MARA October 28, 2022 $12 calls for $0.70And by 10:40 AM Wednesday morning, these were trading at $3.55.That means that if you sold at the peak on Wednesday, you could have made a ridiculous 407%!That’s now seven, I repeat, SEVEN straight weeks that the free trade has been a winner.You guys gotta be making some money on these! If you have, write to me at TradeKings@banyanhill.com and tell me all about it.I’ll be heading back to the U.S. today, leaving this beautiful, wild country behind. But what a wonderful week it’s been.

Stay Blessed,

Andrew KeeneEditor, Kings Corner