Tensions with China roiled markets again this week. But this time around it’s not about tariffs.

After the Senate passed legislation that could potentially kick U.S.-listed Chinese stocks off Wall Street exchanges, Trump doubled down on his anti-China stance in a press conference on Friday.

Does this mean it’s no longer worth investing in Chinese companies … even if they are some of the fastest-growing opportunities out there?

That’s what you’ll find out from Ted and Clint Lee in this week’s installment of Your Money Matters.

More Bark Than Bite … So Far

Trump had plenty of harsh words for China during his short address from the White House on Friday. But there were no big policy surprises that would affect Chinese stocks.

In today’s video, Ted and Clint tell you the one event that will tip you off as to which way Chinese stocks are headed in the long term.

This week, you’ll discover:

  • Who’s really pulling the strings in the U.S.-China relationship. (6:20-9:08)
  • And what big event could decide whether they keep the status quo. (9:08-9:50)
  • What the endless stream of headlines about China means for you as an investor. (9:50-14:08)

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