March 2018…

I’m sitting across a table from Adam O’Dell.

We’re at the Starbucks on the bottom floor of my office building.

I order a large coffee.

Adam doesn’t order anything. He doesn’t need to. He’s already alert and ready to go.

“What do you want to meet about?”

Adam is only in town for a short stay. So, he’s all business.

I tell him: “I just acquired a company called Money & Markets. I want to build a stock rating system, better than any other one out there. And a few investment services. I need someone to run it. And I think you can be that person.”

It took about a year, but … I was able to convince Adam to move 150 miles north from the Florida Keys to the Palm Beach area.

When we finally teamed up, Adam instantly delivered amazing returns.

Through his Max Profit Alert service, he recommended option trades that gained 337%, 407%, 428%, 432% and 501% … all within three months.

As for the ratings system … that took a bit longer to launch.

Adam wanted to make sure it was as close to perfect as possible … weighing six factors of any stock and grading them from 0 to 100. And sure enough, any stock rated in his “green zone” (over an 80) … gives users the chance to beat the market 3-to-1.

3-to-1 is a huge feat.

That’s three times the nest egg.

To my knowledge, no other rating system can deliver those kinds of returns.

We are very proud of these returns.

But about a year ago, Adam asked me permission to do another project. He called it … “Infinite Momentum.”

He felt that our rating system could be overlaid with new advanced AI technology to find quality stocks that were going up … and that would continue to go up for the next 30 days.

If we could do that, one could ride the profits of each stock … hoping from one stock to the next … creating infinite momentum.

He felt like the entire project would cost around $1 million. But, it could help us beat the market 5-to-1.

That’s five times the nest egg.

I agreed.

But Adam was wrong.

The project didn’t cost $1 million … it was closer to $5 million (but I was able to forgive him for that, and you’re about to see why).

And the project did NOT help us beat the market 5-to-1…

The system Adam designed (after many revisions) actually gives users the chance to beat the market 300-to-1.

Yes, 300-to-1.

Imagine your nest egg, 300 times larger.

Now, I was a bit skeptical.

After all, those kinds of returns are better than those of Warren Buffett, Bill Ackman, Ray Dalio, Jim Chanos and Ken Fisher…

So, I asked Adam to put together a presentation on how this entire system works and let the team poke holes in it.

So, he did. We invited the whole team, including our high-caliber investment experts, Ian King, Charles Mizrahi and Michael Carr.

The presentation was a huge hit.

Adam explained in clear detail how the system worked … reviewing 20 years of back testing and analysis to show how it creates infinite momentum … giving people the chance to beat the market 300-to-1.

After the meeting, team members immediately emailed me…

  • “I’m pumped about Infinite Momentum. I’m totally buying into it! It gives me inspiration to review my IRA and see how I can capitalize on it.”
  • “I immediately started thinking about which IRA I’m going to pull and move here.”
  • “There are legit 8 group chats going on and on about Adam’s Infinite Momentum system.”
  • “This is gold. No more buy and hold … I’m using this Infinite Momentum system to make every trade from here on out.”

OK, confession.

That last quote is mine.

That’s right.

After watching Adam’s presentation, I realized that the money in my Roth IRA was just sitting in deadbeat stocks. It was time to put that money to work.

So, I sold every single share and moved the money to cash so that I could buy the stocks that Adam’s Infinite Momentum system recommends.

I can’t wait to get his next picks. I’m buying every single one of them, with the goal of beating the market 300-to-1.

However, [first name/this time] … I want YOU to join me!

Which is why Adam is giving another presentation THIS TUESDAY at 1 p.m. Eastern time.

Just click here to claim your free seat.

I think you’ll see the same thing my team did … that this may just be the best system to grow your money year in and year out.

You won’t want to miss it.

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Kind regards,

Aaron James
CEO, Banyan Hill Publishing and Money & Markets