Editor’s Note: Happy New Year to all of our readers! We hope you are having a wonderful day.

As we start this new year, we thought this would be a perfect time to recap what 2020 was like for Chad’s subscribers. We’re thankful for all the readers who’ve trusted Chad and the team by sticking with us through a volatile year. We look forward to you joining us for what’s in store this year.

On behalf of the entire team, Happy New Year! — Annie Stevenson, Managing Editor, American Investor Today

We could easily have shut this letter down soon after it launched.

We could easily have said this was an unprecedented year.

We could’ve said that there was no way we could trade a market with so much uncertainty.

But we trusted our options-trading strategy, and it has paid off. We’ve given you world-class options education — for free — and we’re proud of what you’ve been able to learn.

In my flagship newsletter, Quick Hit Profits, we continued jumping into trades after earnings were announced, and we made profits last year.

While others spent 2020 panicking due to the volatile market swings from the coronavirus pandemic, stimulus talks, wavering economy and social unrest, we were still pulling in the wins 

So, if you’ve stuck with me and made these trades, congratulations!

I know 2020 was a turbulent year for the markets, and also in our personal lives.

Some of us have lost loved ones and jobs. And we’ve all had to make sacrifices in hopes that the world will return to a sense of normalcy.

So, while I’ve taken some time to reflect on the blessings God has delivered in our lives and in my family’s life, I’m grateful to have been able to help my readers through. And despite all the uncertainty, I’m happy to have helped add a glimmer of hope through such a tough year…

Our Readers Respond 

Here’s what some of my readers had to say about last year…

Jim said:

“I am a 78-year-old retired engineer. I started out very cautiously, but in 8 months I’m up 90%.” 

Rick said:

“My goal was to double my initial funds in one year. Six months in and I am on pace to meet that goal.” 

Daniel said:

“Chad, I am very thankful for you. You made my dream come true … I quit my job!” 

Again, I’m grateful for all the readers who stuck with me.

Thank you for taking the time to write to my team about how we’ve helped you in 2020.

And I believe there’s more to come for us this year. It may be even better, especially now that we have a vaccine — much-needed encouragement starting this new year…

Looking Ahead 

I tell my readers all the time that, overall, it doesn’t really matter what type of market environment we’re in. We have a strategy that’s been proven and tested throughout all different types of markets.

I’ve looked at earnings reports from every company in the S&P 500 going back to 2006. It’s the basis of our strategy in Quick Hit Profits and helps us navigate volatile markets. The system even delivered back-tested profits in markets like 2008’s, which saw a global financial crisis and a deep recession.

Being able to find these trades at the right times is what makes our approach so powerful.

It paid off in a wild 2020, and it’s going to help guide us through 2021 — no matter what kind of volatility we see. 

We hope that our readers have had a safe and happy holiday season. And we are grateful for your subscription. You let us do what we love to do every day.

And we hope everyone has a happy New Year!

In the meantime, did you use our recommendations to grab gains in 2020? You can write in to me and my team about your experience at WeeklyOptionsCorner@BanyanHill.com.


Chad Shoop

Chad Shoop

Editor, Quick Hit Profits