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Toward the end of February 2020, I was gearing up for a week of multiple trips and a long time away from home.

But I got this big, bearish alert from our system around 7 p.m. on Thursday, February 27. It basically said: “Run for the hills and sell your stocks” … so I did!

bear market signal alerts chart

I sold nearly all of my stocks that Friday, February 28.

And then I spent the weekend with my family before flying out to Florida to meet a group of my peers in a closed-door meeting.

There were 50 people in attendance, all pitching greedy parts of the market that were likely to soar (this was just before the pandemic hit hard). But when I stood up on Tuesday to talk, my message was different.

I urged people to be safe with their investments and consider warning all of their subscribers that a bear market was rapidly approaching.

Naturally, all 49 other attendees laughed at me. Not a single person in the room wanted to hear what I had to say, despite the proof I had.

I showed them the alerts I received and how they have been right 100% of the time over the last 20 years. These alerts are based on proprietary algorithms that we created years ago and routinely test and update.

How Can Our System Achieve 100% Accuracy?

The alerts our system produces are based on momentum, short- and long-term trends. And they’re eerily accurate!

Here are the five most recent drawdowns prior to that day in February…

recent bear market signals chart 2021

Honestly, I was so happy to get out of those meetings.

My next stop was London.

It was while I was there that the world changed … and my system was proven right (again).

Markets broke records every day:

  • Fastest bear market in history.
  • Biggest intraday gains.
  • Biggest intraday losses.

It just kept going.

Record after record was being broken and it was mostly bad news.

The economy was shutting down, markets crumbling, people losing their jobs…

Many investors were finally throwing in the towel as the market was actually bottoming.

My personal portfolio would have suffered a total 25% drop had I not sold on February 28.

Then the Wind Changed Direction

Exactly a month after I received the big, bearish alert … I got an early bullish alert.

sp500 bull market signal March 2020

And as I’ve been conditioned to do, I trusted the math (signals) and acted.

stock pullback wins chart

I started gobbling up stocks that had big pullbacks and were noted “healthy” in our system by their green designation. And I started broadcasting these results and how people could take advantage of them right away.

We’ve built everything from a robust portfolio management system to big signals that can give you instant market-direction forecasts.

What’s my system warning now?

I’d like to show you on June 2. Please join Ted and me. Reserve your place today.

Warm regards,

Keith Kaplan
CEO, TradeSmith