It’s a bold move, but it’s paying off…

Ford is jumping into the electric vehicle (EV) market.

Last week, the company opened an online reservation system for its upcoming F-150 Lightning. And in just 48 hours, retail customers placed nearly 45,000 reservations for the battery-electric pickup truck.

It’s expected to hit dealer showrooms by mid-2022.

That means it has the chance to be the first mainstream electric pickup truck out there, along with Tesla. The EV leader is also looking to start delivering its Cybertruck sometime in 2022.

But unlike the futuristic-looking Cybertruck, Ford’s F-150 Lightning is more like a traditional pickup — and has a surprisingly low starting price.

And investors are excited. Ford’s stock jumped more than 6% on the news.

Now, Ford seems like the latest hot play in the EV space. But if you really want to profit from this market, there’s a much better approach to take…

Getting in on the Picks and Shovels

Electric cars are rolling out from traditional automakers at a rapid pace.

You name almost any brand, and they either have an EV already on the market … or they’re planning to have one out within the next few years.

That’s why, over the next decade, research firm MarketsandMarkets projects the EV market will grow by over 21% a year. By 2030, we could see nearly 27 million EVs on the roads.

So, this is an industry that’s expanding rapidly. And when it comes to EVs and the massive competition in the space, who knows who will win the battle to the top?

But the good news is that, with huge mega trends like this, it doesn’t matter who the leader will be…

Instead of focusing on the top companies making the final product, you want to get in on the “picks and shovels” of the market.

These are companies that benefit from a mega trend by producing the tools or services it needs. And when you focus on these kinds of stocks, you almost can’t go wrong.

So, we don’t have to get lucky with finding the top stock that will benefit from this unstoppable EV trend — whether it’s Ford or Tesla.

We want to be in the companies making something all EVs need: batteries…

The Real Winners of the EV Race

Batteries are central to the EV boom.

Without the technological advancement in batteries, EVs likely wouldn’t even exist. So, they’ll continue to be an important piece of the industry for decades to come.

And one exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a great way to get broad exposure to battery companies.

The Amplify Lithium & Battery Technology ETF (NYSE: BATT) holds a basket of about 90 top battery stocks that’ll be key to the EV market.

Some, like lithium miner BHP Group, are clear pick-and-shovel plays. But the ETF also holds giants in the space overall, like Samsung and LG Chemical.

More carmakers like Ford will be announcing their EVs soon. And as they hit the roads and the industry continues to expand, these battery companies will benefit most in the coming years.


Chad Shoop

Chad Shoop

Editor, Quick Hit Profits