I need to tell you what happened…

One of Ian King’s crypto trades just rallied like crazy.

Not many people knew about Terra (LUNA) a year ago. But now, it’s one of the world’s most valuable cryptos.

And Ian’s subscribers just sold their remaining position for an 18,325% gain.

Yes, you read that right.


It’s the biggest trade in our company’s history by far.

Here’s how it played out … and why LUNA is now of the hottest cryptos on the market.

What Is LUNA Anyway?

You’re probably familiar with payment firms like PayPal and Square.

You might have even used one of their apps to pay for something.

Well, some apps let you pay with a crypto called Terra.

It was created to disrupt the traditional finance industry.

Terra uses blockchain tech, so its transaction fees are minimal.

In fact, merchants are only charged 0.5% on average to accept Terra.

Meanwhile, PayPal, Square and the major credit cards charge 2.5% or even higher.

That means merchants who take Terra save 80% or more on transaction fees.

So, where does LUNA come in?

Terra is decentralized, so there isn’t any one company that runs it.

Instead, individuals use their computers to process Terra’s transactions on the blockchain.

Those individuals are rewarded with LUNA tokens. And some LUNA holders are paid a portion of Terra’s fees.

LUNA crypto tokens Terra

LUNA’s Exponential Growth

Back in December 2020, not many people knew about Terra.

LUNA tokens traded for only $0.48 at the time.

But Ian saw LUNA’s potential to explode higher. So, he recommended it to his Next Wave Crypto Fortunes subscribers.

By March 2021, LUNA had soared 3,998%.

LUNA’s 3,998% Gain: December 2020 to March 2021

LUNA Crypto Gain: December 2020 to March 2021

It was the most lucrative trade in our company’s history.

But Ian knew LUNA’s rally was far from over.

Earlier this month, he sent his readers a trade alert to sell their remaining position in LUNA.

They made an unbelievable 18,325% gain on the rest of the trade.

LUNA’s 18,325% Rally: December 2020 to December 2021

LUNA Crypto Rally: December 2020 to December 2021

As you can see, LUNA skyrocketed from $0.48 to over $98 in just 12 months.

It now has a market cap of over $30 billion.

Get Ready for Crypto’s Third Wave

Ian’s readers were thrilled with the trade.

Linda wrote: “I sold half when you told us to and the other half today. My total gain from my initial $500 investment was $42,300!”

And Pablo made a lot of money even though he just joined Next Wave Crypto Fortunes last month.

He wrote: “I just sold my LUNA position for a 54% gain in less than a month. Keep up the good work.”

(Did you buy LUNA? You can let us know how much profit you made by writing to us at WinningInvestorDaily@BanyanHill.com.)

But what makes these gains truly amazing is that crypto’s “third wave” is only getting started.

You can learn more about what’s ahead for the crypto space by watching Ian’s special presentation.


Jay Goldberg

Assistant Managing Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing


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