Take a wild guess at some of the market’s biggest movers so far this year… And I do mean wild!

Would you believe we’re seeing year-to-date gains of 63% in meme stock/movie theater chain AMC

51% in Bed, Bath, and Beyond – which could soon file for a fourth “B”: bankruptcy…

188% in Carvana — a company Charles Mizrahi recommended against at its highs, right before it crashed almost 99%…

What is going on?!

If you’ve been following the Edge, and especially Adam O’Dell’s essay last Friday, you already know. We’re witnessing an epic short squeeze in some of the most rightly hated names on Wall Street.

But how exactly does a short squeeze work? Are they worth trading? Could they even be a sign of a turnaround in a stock?

I got with Adam O’Dell and our growth investing expert Ian King to answer those questions in this week’s Banyan Edge Podcast.

Hear Adam O’Dell’s take on the short squeeze frenzy at 2:40….

Get Ian’s take as a veteran Wall Street hedge fund trader at 5:05

And at 8:25, learn how Adam and I made out like bandits (100% in 1 day!) on a short squeeze a few years back…

Click here or the thumbnail below now and check it this week’s episode!


Regards,Charles Sizemore's SignatureCharles SizemoreChief Editor, The Banyan Edge

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