What the heck is bitcoin anyway?

A currency? Commodity? Security?

No matter how you classify it, one thing is for sure … bitcoin is a very big deal. So big, in fact, that even if you don’t own any, it can still impact your portfolio — as evidenced by last week’s decline.

In today’s video, Ted shares his take. He says it’s not an asset. He’ll show you why and what he considers it. And Clint reveals where he thinks it’s headed next…

What’s Happening in the Shadows?

Clint will show you why the sell-off in cryptos isn’t over yet and why Ethereum is a better bet in the long term.

Beyond that, find out about the massive disruption taking place in the shadow of cryptocurrencies. According to Clint, this is a far better opportunity right now.

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Angela Jirau
Publisher, The Bauman Letter