January 2021 was a huge moment for the cannabis movement.

Joe Biden just became the forty-sixth president of the United States.

And cannabis reform was a key part of his agenda.

I wrote at the time that I expected it to happen by the end of the year.

Cannabis stocks rallied as federal reform seemed imminent.

The ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF (NYSE: MJ) nearly doubled in a month.

But partisan gridlock killed the industry’s momentum.

By October, MJ lost all of its gains for the year.

Investors turned their attention toward other trends.

However, there’s renewed hope for cannabis reform.

And it comes from an unlikely source…

Cannabis Reform Has Broad Support

On Monday, Republican Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina introduced a bill to legalize cannabis.

Four other Republicans cosponsored the bill.

Yes, that’s right: Republicans are pushing for reform this time.

The States Reform Act would legalize cannabis for all Americans age 21 and over.

It would also place a 3% tax on all cannabis sales.

This move makes a ton of sense.

Midterm elections are just a year away, and reform has broad support.

A new poll by Gallup shows that 68% of Americans now support cannabis legalization.

U.S. Support for legalizing marijuana chart

Plus, 71% of independents support it.

Republicans know this is a key demographic heading into election season.

And in the Senate, 20 out of 50 seats held by Republicans are up for election.

If this bill passes, it would be a huge legislative win for the Republican Party.

The Cannabis Boom Hasn’t Started Yet

So far, cannabis stocks haven’t benefited from the news.

The MJ ETF is actually down nearly 15% since Monday’s open.

Investors might be wary this time after cannabis stocks crashed back in February.

Plus, skeptics could point to a bipartisan reform bill introduced in May.

It’s been six months now, and not much has happened with that yet.

But the political climate is more favorable for cannabis reform than in the past.

Lawmakers just introduced bills in the battleground states of Ohio and Wisconsin.

And as you can see in the chart below, 36 states allow medical cannabis (light green) or all cannabis use (dark green).

Cannabis laws by state

(Source: Forbes.)

So, it’s only a matter of time before cannabis becomes legal at the federal level as well.

The Pot Stock Leading the Industry

Ian King has been on top of this trend for a while.

In November 2019, Ian told his Strategic Fortunes subscribers to buy Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (OTC: TCNNF).

He called this U.S. cannabis company “the pot stock leading the industry.”

And he predicted it had the potential to hand his readers a 100% profit.

But they did a lot better.

TCNNF is up an incredible 198%, even after its recent decline.

TCNNF price chart

The stock is now well above Ian’s recommended buy-up-to price. But that doesn’t mean you’ve missed this opportunity.

And you can keep up with Ian’s research by watching his presentation on the “New American Economy.”

In it, he explains why America is racing into an exciting new era of opportunity.


Jay Goldberg

Assistant Managing Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing


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