Welcome to your first Market Insights! I’m excited to bring you this new weekly video featuring our Sovereign Investor Daily experts.

Each Saturday, you’ll be able to watch our experts debate the latest market trends and financial news — while revealing the best ways for you to profit.

In today’s first Market Insights, Jeff Yastine, Ted Bauman and Ian King discuss:

  • The trade war: Why the impacts of the U.S.-China trade war are being overestimated — and what this means for the market. Quote: “I don’t think it’s going to have that much impact, unless there’s an entire drain of money out of the stock market … a bear market.”
  • Interest rates: Whether or not the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates in 2019, and how to prepare your portfolio. Quote: “As long as the Fed is accommodative, there is no alternative to stocks.”
  • Antitrust news: What potential antitrust legislation means for Big Tech. Quote: “I do think there is upside to having a monopoly in certain areas of society.”

Don’t Fear the Trade War

The U.S.-China trade war dominated headlines in May. As investors panicked, the S&P 500 Index dropped 6.6% for the month, while the Nasdaq Composite Index fell over 10% into correction territory.

But in today’s Market Insights video, Jeff, Ted and Ian explain that trade with China makes up less than 1% of the U.S. economy. That means many stocks have unfairly gotten swept up in trade war fears despite being great companies with solid fundamentals.

And that presents some great opportunities.

Some of these companies are in Jeff’s Total Wealth Insider and Ted’s Bauman Letter services.

Once the market bounces back — like we’ve already begun to see this past week — the strongest companies will quickly make up lost ground and soar to new highs.

Our experts also talk about:

  • Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell made an important announcement on Tuesday. Ian explains how the markets are reacting to the news.
  • Antitrust regulations threaten Amazon, Google and the other tech titans. Find out what this means for the U.S. economy and the tech industry in the years ahead.

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I hope you enjoyed this new addition to Sovereign Investor Daily. Be sure to tune in next Saturday for our next episode.

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Jay Goldberg

Assistant Managing Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing