A few hours ago, I sat down with my friends at Banyan Hill for a spirited chat on the markets…And for our first episode of The Banyan Edge Podcast, our group delivered in spades.Our focus this week was on energy markets, which many of us believe are set to lurch higher than anyone believes possible, and faster than anyone expects. After listening to today’s show, you’ll likely start second-guessing a lot of what you’ve heard about “green energy” from the mainstream press (not to mention the White House) the past few years.We also tackle the single most important issue of 2022 — inflation — and how it’s inextricably linked to the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes. With November CPI numbers due out tomorrow and Jerome Powell’s next speech on Wednesday, the group weighed in on how you should respond to what’ll likely be a highly volatile week.Get all this, and a whole lot more, in our inaugural episode of The Banyan Edge PodcastCheck it out below for free.

One feature I’m super excited to add to The Banyan Edge Podcast is a weekly Q&A, where you can ask Charles Mizrahi, Ian King, Amber Lancaster, Mike Carr and Adam O’Dell any questions you have on your mind.Write in your questions to BanyanEdge@BanyanHill.com and we’ll look to answer them on-air every week at the end of the show. Keep in mind that we can’t give any personalized investment advice, so general questions have the best shot at making it in!Thanks for watching,Charles Sizemore's SignatureCharles SizemoreChief Editor, The Banyan Edge

P.S. Listeners who want to know more about Adam O’Dell’s stance on the energy markets should click here right now.Adam has a HUGE prediction for oil prices over the coming weeks … months … and years.And he’s not alone. Adam’s big call is backed by THE biggest players in the markets.I’m talking BlackRock. Berkshire Hathaway. Bridgewater Associates. Hundreds of billions in capital…All of them are backing up the truck on energy in one specific, highly unexpected way. Especially if you’ve spent any time listening to the White House or the mainstream media the past few years.Get the full details right here.