When picking investments, you should always follow the money.

You can read all of the financial statements in the world. But if no one else is investing, it’ll be hard to make money.

I use several indicators that track money flow. And right now, they’re telling me the same thing…

Blockchain is the place to invest in right now.

Blockchain Is the Future

Early-stage investors are betting that blockchain is the future.

Funding for private blockchain companies surpassed $25 billion in 2021.

That’s up over 700% from the previous year.

Funding for private blockchain companies surpassed $25 billion in 2021.

(Source: CB Insights.)

One of the leading investment firms last year, Andreessen Horowitz, has struck HUGE wins in the past.

It was an early-stage investor in companies like Airbnb, Coinbase and Facebook, to name a few.

These companies were unknown to many at the time. But they went on to become tech heavyweights and household names.

Now Andreessen Horowitz appears to be shifting its investment focus.

The firm invested in 46 blockchain companies in 2021.

In June 2021, it even invested in Solana, a crypto that Ian King recommended six months beforehand to his Next Wave Crypto Fortunes subscribers.

That pick handed his subscribers massive gains.

They closed out half their Solana position for a 1,934% gain in five months.

The rest is still riding and is up several times more than that.

How to Get Into Blockchain on the Ground Floor

As you can see, the reward potential in the blockchain industry is huge.

This is why firms like Andreessen Horowitz are doubling down on blockchain companies.

Plus, its decision to invest now indicates that blockchain adoption is still early.

If you want to get into blockchain on the ground floor, consider buying cryptos.

Crypto only has about 300 million users now, meaning less than 4% of the world is invested.

But the number of users is climbing quickly.

Several forecasts have global users at 1 billion by the end of this year.

And Ian says one crypto is about to shake up the entire financial industry. (It’s not bitcoin.)

This crypto is positioned to stage a historic rally at any moment.

So you’ll definitely want to watch Ian’s special presentation about it this Thursday.


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Steve Fernandez

Research Analyst, Strategic Fortunes

Morning Movers

From open till noon Eastern time.

Veru Inc. (Nasdaq: VERU) focuses primarily on developing medicines for the management of cancers. The stock skyrocketed 193% after results from its Phase 3 trial of its oral COVID-19 treatment showed a statistically meaningful reduction in deaths.


Vnet Group Inc. (Nasdaq: VNET) provides cloud hosting and related services to internet companies, government entities and enterprises in China. The stock is up 29% after receiving an all-cash buyout offer from investment firm Hina Group and Industrial Bank.


SailPoint Technologies Holdings Inc. (NYSE: SAIL) offers a software-as-a-service platform that provides enterprise identity security solutions. It is up 28% after the company agreed to a $6.9 billion buyout from private-equity group Thoma Bravo.


Datto Holding Corp. (NYSE: MSP) provides cloud-based software and technology solutions for managed service providers. The stock jumped 20% after it announced that it will be acquired by Kaseya, an IT management and security company, for $6.2 billion.


N-able, Inc. (NYSE: NABL) provides cloud-based software solutions for managed service providers. It has no company specific news to report today; rather, it is up 10%, trading in sympathy with peers like Datto and SailPoint.


Freshworks Inc. (Nasdaq: FRSH) is a software development company that provides modern software-as-a-service products. It is another software provider that is up 8% thanks to the uptrend in software stocks today due to the news of multiple acquisitions.


Chindata Group Holdings Ltd. (Nasdaq: CD) provides carrier-neutral hyper scale data center solutions in China, India and Southeast Asia. It is one of the Chinese cloud and data center stocks that is up 7% today thanks to the news of the buyout offer of its peer, Vnet.


Affimed N.V. (Nasdaq: AFMD) focuses on discovering and developing cancer immunotherapies. The stock is up 6% after the company shared promising data about an experimental cancer therapy that uses cord blood cells as a potential treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma.


Bilibili Inc. (Nasdaq: BILI) provides online entertainment services video games for the young generations in China. It is up 6% after Chinese regulators eased their crackdown on video games by ending a nine-month freeze on licenses and handed out 45 licenses for games to several Chinese companies.


Zynex Inc. (Nasdaq: ZYXI) designs, manufactures and markets medical devices to treat chronic and acute pain. The stock is up 6% after the company announced a $10 million stock buyback program.