We’ve talked a lot about the likelihood of a double bottom in the stock market this year.

But continued bullishness in the face of disastrous economic data suggests investors are putting too much faith in the Fed and a short-term scientific miracle.

In this week’s installment of Your Money Matters, Clint Lee and I review the evidence and consider the possibility of a drawn-out decline in stocks as unemployment, weak earnings and bankruptcies dominate summer headlines.

We’ll also tell you the actions you should take right now to prepare.

Seize These Opportunities Before It’s Too Late

The strength we’re seeing in stocks right now is based on misplaced optimism. At the same time, great investment opportunities are being overlooked … but that won’t last long.

In today’s video, Clint and I will walk you through:

  • Two things you can do with your stock portfolio now to make profits in this environment. (11:50-13:42)
  • Where you can lock in high yields that could grow to double digits within a few years … but only if you act fast. (13:42-16:38)
  • The mountain of evidence, in four shocking charts, that proves there will be no quick, “V-shaped” recovery. (9:09-11:50)
  • Plus much more.

To find out how to navigate the rough waters ahead click here, or click the image below:

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