This market is completely divorced from reality.

Right now, stocks are pricing in a return to even better economic activity than we saw before the crisis.

But there is no data to support a recovery anywhere close to that.

Especially not while massive social unrest and tensions with China flare … and those are just two of the many risks out there.

As I explain in today’s video, you can make some short-term gains riding the market … and of course there are still smart long-term investments … but market volatility is here to stay.

Your Real-World Money

So, what does all this uncertainty mean for you as an investor moving forward?

It means that the days of riding index funds are over. If you want to preserve your money and make gains as this plays out, you’ll have to choose investments wisely.

In today’s video you’ll see:

  • The mountain of evidence that proves this stock rally is not sustainable. (1:52-11:52)
  • How hyperinflation has been hiding in plain sight. (11:53-13:53)
  • What you can do to survive the volatility that’s here to stay. (18:01-19:30)


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