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In 1900, nearly 40% of people in the United States were farmers.

Today, that number stands at just 1%.

Because as the economy shifted from farms to cities, so did the labor force.

It’s this ability to adapt that’s made this nation the most prosperous one on earth.

Charles Mizrahi’s grandfather in Brooklyn, NY, a few years after he came to America — 1925.

Charles Mizrahi’s grandfather in Brooklyn, NY, a few years after he came to America — 1925.

Even the poorest American today enjoys a standard of living that past generations could only dream of. In the 1940s, when my grandparents grew up, nearly half of houses lacked hot piped water, a bathtub, a shower or a toilet!

And because America was founded on freedom and opportunity, our economy continues to thrive. Like nature, it always finds a way to adapt to challenges.

And there’s been no greater challenge than the coronavirus.

Since its arrival, U.S. unemployment peaked at 22 million people or 14.7% — a rate that we haven’t seen the Great Depression.

But just as it always has, our economy has found ways to keep growing.

In fact, we’re witnessing another amazing transformation in the workforce. Because as some industries are all but dying off, others are booming.

Amazon, for example, plans to hire 100,000 more workers to meet demand as more people shop from home.

Cloud companies are also ramping up hiring as businesses and universities adjust to online operations.

And as these industries — and others like them — continue to prosper in the post-COVID-19 world, Charles Mizrahi and the American Investor Today team will be there to help you profit from them.

How We’ll Serve the American Investor

At American Investor Today, our main goal is to help you, the Main Street investor, achieve your financial goals simply and easily.

And no one is better suited for this than Charles Mizrahi.

With 37 years of experience as a former floor trader, money manager and hedge fund manager, he’s seen everything the stock market has to throw at you.

Following his lead, our team will point you in the right direction to make money — regardless of what the market looks like.

Because in America, there are always opportunities to profit. You just have to know where to look … or know someone who can look for you.

Members of Charles’ Alpha Investor research service have already seen the difference he can make in achieving your very own American dream.

He has a portfolio stuffed with fantastic America-based companies that will thrive in this environment. They’re run by rock star CEOs and selling for bargain prices.

In fairness to his subscribers, we can’t tell you their names here. But this approach has led his subscribers to see gains of over 30% in four months … over 90% in 13 months … and over 110% in 20 months!

But these aren’t the only incredible opportunities he’s set up…

If you want access to Charles’ entire model portfolio, his detailed insight and his upcoming recommendations, join the Alpha Investor family and take control of your financial future today!


Nicole Zdzieba
Assistant Managing Editor, Alpha Investor