On March 19, 2020, the “impossible” happened.

At exactly 10 p.m. Pacific Time, the state of California issued the first pandemic-related stay-at-home order. Never before was there a government order like it.

More than 40 million Americans were told they couldn’t leave their homes. And over the next two weeks, another 29 states issued their own restrictions. In the blink of an eye, the coronavirus upended households and businesses across the country.

The American Investor Today office sent workers home on March 14, and most of us haven’t been back to our desks since. It wasn’t the only one, either. Many companies had to shut down altogether. The U.S. economy came to a sudden stop.

Tens of millions of Americans lost their jobs. At its peak, U.S. unemployment reached 22 million people — a level we haven’t seen since the Great Depression.

There’s no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has been one of the greatest challenges the U.S. has faced in the past 100 years.

But despite it all, the American people have shown that they’re not giving up. In fact, they’re proving once again why this is the greatest country that’s ever existed.

To see the optimism for America’s future, all you have to look at is the number of U.S. business applications. They show how many Americans are trying to start their own business.

Even through bleak expectations for the economy, applications are going through the roof. Americans are making it clear that they want to rebuild — and start their own companies. In the third quarter of 2020, the U.S. Census Bureau received over 1.5 million business applications:

Chart showing that applications for new U.S. businesses spiked in early 2020 and have continued higher for the past six months.

This brings the 2020 total to over 3.2 million applications. That’s huge — this same time last year, the count was at only 2.7 million total applications.

That means more people are starting new businesses now than when there wasn’t a pandemic. In fact, it’s the fastest pace of U.S. business creation in over a decade. And that’s exciting!

The next Apple is being started in someone’s garage. The next Facebook is finding its roots in someone’s dorm room. The next Amazon is being created in someone’s spare bedroom.

Right now, even from home, American ingenuity is at an all-time high. Once again, Americans have proven that, even during times of immense hardship, we’re always chasing our dreams.

Now, this is the same spirit that powers our main goal here at American Investor Today: We want to do everything we can to help you get your fair share of this American prosperity.

And there’s no better way to do that than by partnering with great businesses…

SaaS Will Power Our Future

As our resident experts Charles Mizrahi and Chad Shoop always say, a stock is just a piece of a business.

That makes investing in the stock market really simple. Because if you buy a piece of the best business at an attractive price, it’s pretty hard to not make money…

Over the long term, a stock’s price will catch up with the underlying worth of the business. As the business grows, the market value will eventually follow. So, all you have to do to make profits is to sit and wait.

And in America, there are always opportunities to profit. You just have to know where to look — which is exactly why the American Investor Today team is here.

We do the heavy lifting to identify these opportunities for you. And right now, we’ve found one of the best kinds of businesses for you to partner with: software as a service (SaaS).

Think about Microsoft Office 365, which over 1 million companies rely on worldwide. Or Adobe’s Creative Cloud, which is a design industry standard. Their software is shared over the cloud — subscribers can access it anytime, anywhere. They never see a CD or a box.

This convenience will play a huge part in our economic recovery. New businesses being formed will almost certainly rely on SaaS companies. They’ll be able to start up and access the software resources they need no matter where they are — including from a garage or dorm room.

But that’s not the only tail wind for the sector…

By providing essential services on a subscription model, these “Subscription of Everything” companies collect money every month, like clockwork, from thousands of customers. It’s like owning the toll booth on the only road into town.

And while the American people push this recovery forward, SaaS companies will continue to make safe, steady profits. In fact, analysts believe the global SaaS market is on pace to nearly double in the next six years to over $300 billion.

But there’s one company that stands out from this crowd. And Charles has identified it for his Alpha Investor research service.

This California-based SaaS company has 75 million users and keeps 90% of its customers from year to year. And it makes $818 million in annual recurring revenue.

If you’re already an Alpha Investor, keep an eye on your inbox. You’ll find out about this amazing buying opportunity soon.

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Lina Lee

Managing Editor, Alpha Investor