Last Saturday, I told you about how Chad Shoop’s unique “Profit Stacks” strategy can help you turn a $10,000 stake into over $1 million in just a few years. (You can catch up here if you missed it.)

But you don’t even need $10,000.

You can start with a small stake of $500 a month and build from there.

This week, I want to tell you more about how Chad identifies those winning stocks for you.

He’s able to do it because of cycles.

I asked Chad if we can count on the cyclical patterns his Profit Stacks track in times of volatility, like we’re experiencing now.

This was his answer:

Historically, cycles have always played a part in the stock market. And after major sell-offs like we just experienced, they become even more prominent for the rebound. They allow us to pick up quick double-digit gains in a matter of weeks. It is an uncertain market right now, but trusting a proven system built around the cyclical nature of the stock market gives us great predictability.

So, we know certain sectors are highly cyclical. And we can benefit from the current volatility.

Think of sectors as groups of related companies, such as pharmaceuticals, utilities or technology.

Cyclical sectors regularly go up and down — similar to bull and bear markets, but in smaller and more predictable moves.

See, Chad isn’t interested in big macroeconomic 7-, 10- or 21-year cycles. He looks for shorter-term cycles that can make money for investors just like you right now — over and over again.

Chad identifies short, seasonal cycles that you can take to the bank again and again.

Think of tourism and cruise lines. They typically boom in the summer.

Electricity and heating oil take off in the winter.

And it’s during these times, when sales spike, that the stock prices often soar as well.

Chad figured out that some sectors are so cyclical and predictable that he can pinpoint the exact calendar date that they tend to rise in price, and the exact date in the year that they usually fall or stall out.

And by investing only when a sector is likely to go up, instead of buying and holding, research shows you can make more money.

In some cases, it could be the difference between losing money and making 600% returns!

Financial Sector: Predictable Patterns

Let’s start with the financial sector.

The chart below is a composite chart. It shows, on average, how the financial sector has performed during the year, over the last 10 years:

Notice how, from November to May, this sector practically always goes up.

And look at the period between May and November:

For the last 10 years, it has fluctuated, often not making a profit.

This is what Chad calls “stacking potential” — a predictable cycle that you can more safely bet money on over and over again.

By investing between November and May only, you take advantage of all the profits, and avoid having your money sitting around doing nothing.

And here’s something else:

Triple Your Money Following the Seasonal Cycle

You would have lost money buying and holding the financial sector over the last 10 years. Your $10,000 stake would be worth just $8,812.

But by investing only during the November to May cycle, over and over, you could have turned a small investment into a huge $25,598 windfall!

That’s almost triple your money by following the seasonal cycle.

And that’s just the critical first step to Chad’s Profit Stacking strategy — finding investments with stacking potential.

Free Up Capital That’s Not Doing Anything — Now

Since you’re only investing for half the year, this strategy gives you another six full months to reinvest your money in another cycle.

Why risk holding something the entire year, if for half the year it does nothing?

Instead, you can take your winnings, get out and then reinvest your gains in another high-flying cycle.

See, not only do you need stacking potential, but you also need what Chad calls “stacking compatibility.”

You have to find investments that will fit together hand in glove, giving you the chance to maximize profits by being fully invested all year round.

Chad and his team pored over thousands of hours of market data to identify every possible sector with “stackability.”

So far, they’ve identified 15.

To find what they are — and to get all the details about Chad’s Profit Stacks, and an 80% discount on his premium research — click here now.

You can join readers like Joshua R., who wrote to Chad:

I’m making money which makes my wife happy as she wasn’t totally on board in the beginning. Thank you! I just grabbed an extra $4,715 in profit!

Stay tuned next week. I’ll tell you more about Chad’s 15 “stackable” sectors.

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