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I’m jumping in for Charles this week, as I have a truly exciting message for you!

On today’s episode of The Banyan Edge Podcast, Ian and I want you to meet Keith Kaplan, CEO of TradeSmith.

Why? Because we’re revealing a fantastic breakthrough in artificial intelligence.

If you read Ian’s post yesterday, you already know that AI is impacting finance in a big way. The power of machine learning is only growing, which is why “Project An-E” is such a stunning new AI technology.

It can actually predict the next 30 days of market movements — and in fact, your next winning trade.

Find out more on today’s episode…

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🔥Hot Topics in Today’s Podcast:

  • Tech giants like Alphabet, Meta, Microsoft and Amazon are all reporting earnings due to AI in 2023. (You can get a closer look at the chart below! ⤵️) [0:50]
  • Introducing Keith Kaplan from TradeSmith! TradeSmith specializes in financial technology and research for “main street” investors (like you and me!). [2:15]
  • This groundbreaking AI software “An-E” is truly incredible. Keith explains how it can predict 30 days of market moves. [3:10]
  • Ian shares his take on how using AI can help you beat the market. (Plus, a “dirty little secret” about Wall Street.) [7:50]
  • An-E in action: Check out how this AI predicts the moves on Martin Marietta Materials (Cboe One: MLM). [10:35]
  • What is the “shakeout before the breakout” on a stock? [13:00]
  • Why Ian thinks AI is like “magic.” [14:10]
  • 3 top benefits of An-E — and why you should make this AI program a part of your investing strategy. [15:40]
  • Don’t forget! Sign up for Ian and Keith’s “Predictive AI Investment” It’s tomorrow, Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET. You won’t want to miss it!


More Edge: Chart of the Day 📈

In case you missed it on the video, here’s a closer look at this chart.

It reveals how the top tech companies in the world are reporting 2023 earnings that mention AI almost 200 times in the last quarter alone.

Tech Giants Were All About AI This Earnings Season

This is a major signal that AI is revolutionizing the tech industry. But it’s also infiltrating so many other markets, like agriculture, medicine, music, marketing and of course, finance!

That’s all from me today.

But remember, if you have any other comments or questions about using AI in your trading strategy, please let us know at!

Until then, see you next Tuesday!

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