Good news!

The pandemic has a deadline.

Vaccination programs have kicked off around the world. Starting this week, U.S. health care workers and nursing home residents are getting their shots.

They’ll get two injections, a few weeks apart. So, the first takers will be fully vaccinated next month.

Meanwhile, politicians on Capitol Hill are negotiating a second stimulus package. While we don’t know the details yet, it will extend unemployment benefits. So, we may finally see some relief for overburdened Americans.

And markets are surging. Both the Nasdaq and the NYSE — the top stock exchanges in the U.S. — reached record highs this week.

Of course, the stock market is not the economy — ­but it is a leading indicator of people’s feelings. And people are optimistic about the future. They’re investing in American companies.

That’s what we love to see.

And it’s one of the reasons I want to talk to you about our newest project.

We at American Investor Today have been optimistic about America’s future all along. It hasn’t been a popular stance all the time. But we’re happy to say that it’s been our guiding light since we started.

Now, our publisher is launching a new way for you to get full access to that optimism, and the profit opportunities we see in 2021 and beyond.

A new way to access all of our team’s research.

That even includes “early bird” access to elite research that won’t be available to the public until they’re released next year. Think tips on making money and finding hidden patterns in the market.

In fact, some of these services haven’t been available the entire time I’ve been here.

But now, to cap off the year and start 2021 right, we’re offering all of them (including early bird access to two brand-new services) — together in one package. That means you can get all of our research with one click.

As the market recovers and U.S. businesses lead the way back to normal, we expect this market surge to continue. We will likely continue to see record highs in the next few months. And we want you to get a piece of it.

We want you to take advantage of this optimism and get your slice of true financial security in 2021.

To get your access right now, just click here.

This Week’s Stories

In the meantime, we have some immediate ways for you to take advantage of this market bump…

Finally, I wanted to let you know that we’ll be off next week on December 24 and December 25. Our teams will be taking some well-deserved down time for the holidays.

We hope all of our readers are having a safe and happy holiday season!


Annie Stevenson

Managing Editor, American Investor Today

P.S. Bitcoin is making headlines … again. We wrote about our stance on cryptocurrencies earlier this month. We believe this underlying technology could one day change the world. You can check out that article here.