Ian King and I are back with a brand-new video series for you.

It’s called Market Insight Mondays!

Every Monday, we’ll team up to discuss macro trends, crypto events and any economic activity you need to know about it.

For our very first episode, I decided it was time to get answers on what so many readers have asked…

What is Ian King’s investment strategy??

I hope you’re sitting down because this video is a doozy.

In today’s Market Insight Monday, I ask Ian:

  1. What macro trends do you follow? (0:45)
  2. What’s your No. 1 investment strategy? (2:12)
  3. Do you think innovation is a solution to real-world problems? (4:59)
  4. What is your crypto trading strategy? (6:50)
  5. Are you a supporter of tech mega trends, such as Internet of Things, AI and EVs? (9:09)

Ian spills the dirt on everything, including how he sees tech shaping the world, how he eliminates 95% of cryptos as investment possibilities with one question, and much, much more.

Check out our video by clicking on the image below.

(Click here to read a transcript.)

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Stay tuned! I’ll be back tomorrow with an article on next-gen battery stocks.

Until next time,

Amber Lancaster

Amber Lancaster

Director of Investment Research, Strategic Fortunes

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