“What did you say?”“43,000%.”I pulled my phone away and stared at it.“Mike, I think my connection is bad. I’ll call you when I get home.”It wasn’t unusual for a phone call between me and Mike to end this way. We both live in rural areas, and often complain about the bad connections.So when he told me that his newest trading strategy gained 43,000% in seven years, I chalked it up poor cell service…Until late that night, when I put the kids to bed and sat down at my computer.I plugged the numbers into Excel. I ran every test I could think of. And each result said the same thing…43,000%.  

Was This Really Possible?

Mike and I have verified each other’s work for years. But I’d never seen results like this.43,000% is an annual return of 138% for seven consecutive years. It’s frankly ridiculous. I thought there had to be an error somewhere…  So I went through the code, line by line. Sometimes, something as small as a comma in the wrong spot can lead to crazy results. That wasn’t the case.Then, I checked each rule. Rules have to be clear and logical. Each of Mike’s rules could be written in a simple sentence, and were easy to understand. There weren’t any issues here, either…(If you want to see these rules for yourself, click here to sign up for Mike’s presentation. He’ll be showing you every single one.)Next, I checked how the rules worked together. They must provide the same answer for every possible scenario. Sure enough, these simple rules covered every conceivable market situation.I also checked the data source. Sometimes bad data can lead to extraordinary results. But there were no outliers in the data.Finally, I went through each trade.This is a tedious step, and I knew Mike had already done it. But I was at a loss.The results were just SO good, and I hadn’t found an issue yet. Surely, I thought, something was off with the trades.I added each rule to the ticker’s chart. Then I manually checked each signal, and also double-checked to make sure the system didn’t miss any signals.Sometimes this process takes days. But his strategy is so straightforward, it only took a few hours.The trades all checked out.I sat back in my chair. Mike had really done it…

This Strategy Is Life-Changing

The next day, Mike and I had a “wargaming” call.Mike and I are both veterans, and our military backgrounds taught us an important lesson: Always look for what will go wrong.So we talked about alternate data sources. We identified a backup program. We reviewed liquidity. We discussed the risks — which, I should add, were 80% less than a buy-and-hold strategy.All of this took a few days. At the end of it, we knew he had something revolutionary.This strategy can turn a starting stake of $250 into $100,000… or $2,500 into $1 million in just seven years.With gains like that, you’d never have to worry about sending your kids to college or funding your retirement again.  To see the life-changing strategy Mike’s developed, tune in this Wednesday, July 27, at 8 p.m. ET.As soon as you sign up, you can see the controversial asset at the center of his strategy — as well as tons of content on why NOW is the perfect time to start trading it. Catch up here.

Regards,Amber HestlaSenior Analyst, True Options Masters