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3D Printing Will Send Solar Power Surging

3D Printing Will Send Solar Power Surging

The 2020s will be the most innovative decade in history.

Technology is changing the face of every industry — rewarding companies that embrace it and destroying companies that are unable to adapt.

And behind the scenes, there’s one industry that will drive the emergence of tech mega trends: 3D printing.

One thing that all of these mega trends have in common is their reliance on manufacturing. Where there’s manufacturing, there will be 3D printing.

3D Printing Is Finally Booming

Businesses love 3D printing because it offers cost savings and the ability to develop products at a faster rate.

This isn’t a secret. Eighty percent of manufacturing companies claim 3D printing allows them to innovate faster.

Despite this, investors have hated 3D printing over the past five years.

This is mostly because investors had unrealistic expectations for 3D printing in the early 2010s. This excitement led to the 1,000%-stock price increases in just a few years.

Then 3D-printing stocks crashed.

The industry has grown dramatically since then. And it isn’t done.

The global 3D-printing market is expected to grow 168% over the next five years, from $14 billion to $47 billion. This surge will accelerate the shift from old-world to new-world technology.

Solar Is Becoming the No. 1 Energy Source

One industry that stands to benefit is solar.

During the next five years, global installed solar capacity is expected to grow by 95%, from 762 gigawatts (GW) to 1,484 GW. This means by 2025 there will be enough solar capacity to power 288 million homes.

One thing that all of these mega trends have in common is their reliance on manufacturing. Where there’s manufacturing, there will be 3D printing.

(Source: Bloomberg)

The cost of electricity from solar has already decreased by 85% since 2010. And it is now cheaper than electricity from new coal and gas plants in 67% of the world.

Solar will get even cheaper thanks to 3D printing.

3D-printed solar panels are 50% cheaper and capture 20% more sunlight than traditional solar panels.

This cost and efficiency advantage will make solar the primary energy source in the coming decades.

The new energy boom of the 2020s and beyond will make early investors a ton of money. That’s why my colleague Ian King has several solar stocks in his Automatic Fortunes portfolio.

You can learn more about Ian’s service by clicking here.


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Steve Fernandez

Research Analyst, Automatic Fortunes

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