The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost about 4,000 points last week. It was the worst week for stocks since the financial crisis.

But before you start selling any of your positions, make sure you watch this week’s Your Money Matters with Ted Bauman and Clint Lee.

Because there are other — better — ways to reduce your overall risk … and even come out ahead.

Preserve Capital and Make Gains

The disruption to the global economy is very real. But as Ted pointed out last week, that hardly means it’s time to panic. (If you missed that update, go here to view his video now.)

Today, he and Clint take their analysis one step further. You’ll find out:

  • If the market’s reaction to the coronavirus is warranted.
  • If Ted thinks we have even bigger declines ahead of us.
  • The specific scenarios where you may want to consider selling.
  • And the three moves you can make now to hedge your portfolio against a falling market (one of them comes with an important warning, so pay close attention).

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Good investing,

Angela Jirau

Angela Jirau

Publisher, The Bauman Letter