The big theme this year: consumer inflation.

People are spending more, and it’s driving up prices. Only, that’s not the whole story.

Ted and Clint know what’s really happening and why investors are looking in all the wrong places to hedge against — or even profit from — inflation.

As you’ll see, there’s a very good reason sectors such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and biotech are immune to these conditions … and you’ll find out the best ways to play them.

No Sale & No Supply

Last week, Clint mentioned in Bauman Daily that Labor Day sales were incredibly disappointing for car buyers.

A supply shortage forced major vehicle producers, such as GM and Ford, to cut back on production and stockpile unfinished vehicles. And it’s not just carmakers … PPG, Sherwin Williams, Pulte Group and many other companies are feeling the pinch of supply shortages.

With such a massive disruption in supply, how can you know for certain if your investments are secure?

In today’s Your Money Matters, find out why Ted’s advice on “being selective” is so crucial right now.

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Angela Jirau
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