Mega trends capture our attention because they represent the future and exciting new technologies…

And the promise of huge profits for companies and investors that can tap into their potential.

But mega trends can take years or even decades to fully come to fruition.

Take the rollout of Apple Inc.’s (Nasdaq: AAPL) highly anticipated iPhone 12 this week.

Apple’s latest device is its first to possess technology that can access next-generation 5G networks … and all the speed they have to offer.

But new iPhone purchasers in the U.S. may be disappointed.

For all the hype around 5G, network deployment remains in the early stages. In fact, a report by Opensignal found that Wi-Fi speeds in the U.S. are still faster than 5G networks.

That’s not to say 5G networks and the applications they enable won’t be revolutionary. They just need more time.

But sometimes unexpected events come along and dramatically speed up the mega trend process. And that can create incredible profit opportunities for those who can spot the catalyst and its implications.

Take the pandemic for example.

The impact of lockdowns and remote work brought quicker adoption of e-commerce channels. It also boosted demand for cloud computing infrastructure and related apps.

Those mega trends were already well underway. But the pandemic pulled future demand forward, providing a big boost to companies like Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN) and Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT).

In fact, I wrote in Bauman Daily about the opportunities to profit from the boom in e-commerce and cloud computing. My exchange-traded fund recommendations from those articles have jumped by 71% and 61% since I made them.

But now I’m preparing for another potential accelerator event … in a sector that’s just about to hit its stride.

$2 Trillion in Just 4 Years

With the presidential and congressional elections just a few weeks away, polls and stock market bets along with them are increasingly pointing to a blue sweep. That would mean Democrats win control of the White House and Congress.

I’m not here to get political. I simply want to show you how to profit based on the potential outcome.

Democrats have pledged to unleash massive amounts of stimulus across numerous sectors, as Ted highlighted in a Bauman Daily article this week.

But more specifically, it’s the infrastructure spending that presents the biggest opportunity of all.

That’s because it includes a plan to spend $2 trillion in just four years to boost green energy across numerous industries.

That $2 trillion will accelerate growth in green-energy segments already seeing breakneck expansion, such as:

  • Solar power, U.S. generation of which has grown by 190% just in the last five years. In an outlook report just released, the International Energy Agency called solar energy the “new king” of the power market.
  • Electric vehicles are now projected to account for 127 million vehicles on the road in 2030, a gain of 877% from this year.
  • Hydrogen fuel cells are expected to grow at a 65% annual growth rate and reach $49 billion in just six years from 2018. Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) estimates that green hydrogen could eventually become a once-in-a-lifetime $12 trillion market opportunity.

Plunging costs for renewables, environmental concerns and government initiatives were already driving the mega trend in green energy.

That is why The Bauman Letter has recommended three stocks in as many months to take advantage of the coming growth in renewable technologies. Go HERE to find out how to subscribe and get set up to access The Bauman Letter portfolio.

But it looks increasingly like our bets on these opportunities will prove conservative should November elections present yet another accelerator event.

Best regards,

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Clint Lee

Research Analyst, The Bauman Letter