Imagine you’re out to dinner with your family.

After looking over the menu, which offers traditional meat and dairy options as well as plant-based alternatives, you decide to try a plant-based cheeseburger.

When your family’s food arrives, you taste your burger — and you can’t believe that the patty, cheese and mayonnaise are all plant-based.

They look, taste and smell exactly like their animal protein counterparts. Even the texture is the same as a meat-based burger.

You call your server over to ask about the burger.

He tells you: “That’s our chef’s proprietary recipe. Thousands of hours of work have gone into perfecting the plant-based meat and dairy alternatives we serve.”

You look through the window to the restaurant’s kitchen, intending to give the chef a big thumbs-up — but instead of a person, you see a computer.

A computerized chef sounds farfetched … but recipes penned by artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming more and more common.

Plus, the market for plant-based meat and dairy alternatives is growing — and one company is combining both industries.

Meet Guiseppe, the AI Chef

Chilean company NotCo makes plant-based meat and dairy alternatives based on recipes from Giuseppe, its AI “chef.”

Pulling from a huge pool of data and feedback, the AI system “predicts what combinations of plants will add up to animal-like outputs.”

According to Morning Brew:

A team of over 20 food scientists and chefs work hand-in-oven-mitt with the system, testing out Giuseppe’s educated guesses in the real world, adjusting them as needed and feeding their changes back into the system, creating an ever-improving loop of mock meat and dairy. NotCo’s research chefs test more than 100 recipes each month. 

The company isn’t just looking for taste and texture, either. NotCo says that its chefs also provide feedback on which recipe iterations are easiest to cook in a real kitchen.

Together with Giuseppe, NotCo hopes to make the most realistic alternatives to traditional meat and dairy products.

Plant-based food is a huge market, with many traditional meat companies jumping in with their own plant-based beef, chicken and even seafood offerings.

So, it’s no surprise that NotCo is using AI to help its products stand out from the competition.

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