Copper is in the news as the Chinese government tries to reign in soaring prices.

But silver could be hot on copper’s heels.

We have a situation similar to 2011, when the white metal hit $50 an ounce.

Could we be on the cusp of a new silver breakout?

Can silver sustain such high prices (when it couldn’t before)?

And how can you profit?

The Silver Setup

The trouble with silver is investors tend to forget that it’s an industrial metal, just like copper. That is changing as it plays an increasingly important role in the renewable energy sector. After all, silver is the best conductor of energy.

In short, now’s the time to bet on silver.

Watch today’s video to discover:

  • Why silver has been underperforming and the trigger that’s about to send its price soaring.
  • Why it wasn’t able to sustain $50-an-ounce levels back in 2011 … and why this time is different.
  • The looming silver shortage that will add another tailwind to its price.
  • The one exchange-traded fund (ETF) to buy to profit from the next big move in this industrial metal.
  • And more.

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