Our Roaring ’20s series is off to a great start.

Over the past week, we looked back at the major economic and financial trends of the 1920s, and how many of those booms are set to repeat in the next decade.

All of our experts joined in, and their insights have been enlightening. For example:

But the Sovereign Investor Daily team also wanted to know what you expect will happen in the new Roaring 2020s.

We got some great responses! So first of all, a big thanks to Camil, Margo, John and everyone else who wrote in. We always love hearing from the Sovereign Investor Daily community.

With that in mind, here are some of your big predications for the next decade:

Camil G.: “New technologies in every field of business — even in war tactics.”

Margo F.: “The growth of the online video-gaming market. … Well-attended tournaments becoming the norm as more colleges begin to offer gamers scholarships.”

Laurie H.: “Internet/Wi-Fi moving away from fiber optic and into orbit, where all can experience faster speeds for less money.”

John G.: “Individual growth along with M&A [mergers and acquisitions] of medical and recreational marijuana stocks.”

Joseph S.: “I made 100% [on pot stocks] in 2018. I think another jump is coming.”

Ed S.: “Look for the petroleum industry to shrink as new sources of zero-point energy are released to the world, replacing oil, gas, coal and solar power.”

Ivan B.: “I think that one of the trends, which has already started — but which will accelerate in the next decade — will be personalized medicine. Increases in processing speed and storage capacity combined with genetic sequencing will usher in the capability for targeting therapies at a personal level to help combat a multitude of diseases with greater effectiveness.”

Thank you again to everyone who wrote in to share your thoughts! And thank you to all of our Sovereign Investor Daily subscribers who read our content and watched our videos this past week.

We have a lot more Roaring ’20s content in store for you next week!


Jay Goldberg

Assistant Managing Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing