This week in The Banyan Edge Podcast, we separate winners from losers.That is, finding winning businesses with strong leaders and even stronger books…And weeding out the losing ones, which need a decade-plus of cheap credit just to keep the lights on.If you ask me, there are few investors — if any — that are better at finding winners than our very own Charles Mizrahi.Charles’ approach to moneymaking is refreshingly simple, preferring to buy and hold quality businesses no matter what the benchmark indexes or the Federal Reserve are doing any given year, month or day.At the same time, he’s very different from his investing peers. As much as Charles values the quality fundamentals of a business, he also values businesses by their competition … their strong moat … and the simplicity of the services they provide.This week’s podcast is about dissecting both the investing strategy, and the man, guiding nearly 100,000 Alpha Investors across 120 countries to building wealth in the markets.

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As always with The Banyan Edge Podcast, we highly value your feedback and questions…Charles was happy to answer a couple questions for regular listeners today … like Howard, who asked about renewable energy — which Charles had a lot to say about!You can write in with yours anytime at tuned for Charles’ dispatch on Wednesday, where he’ll share the details behind one winner from his own portfolio … and how he found it.Regards,Charles Sizemore's SignatureCharles SizemoreChief Editor, The Banyan Edge

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