The market’s ability to overreact to news is nothing short of incredible.

You see, Wall Street tends to take predictions as truth. We saw that again after the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting this week.

On Wednesday, the FOMC announced that it’s moving up its timeline for raising interest rates. Rather than waiting until 2024, it will now look to raise rates at least twice by the end of 2023. Some in the committee anticipate rate hikes as early as 2022.

After the meeting, some analysts projected that the Federal Reserve may also taper its bondbuying program — lessening the amount of money it dumps into the financial markets every month — earlier than expected.

Even though the Fed doesn’t plan to hike rates or trim its bondbuying for at least six months, the market took the news as immediate, falling to session lows after the mid-week announcement.

If you’ve been in the markets for a while, you’re probably sick of Wall Street’s inability to separate the present from predictions. And all of the hedge funds, analysts, banks and money management firms in the U.S. are making their own forecasts about the market’s next move.

How are retail investors supposed to keep up?

It’s simple: Tune out the noise of the mainstream media and tune into sources that you know are on your side.

Here at Smart Profits Daily, we cut through the uncertainty of the markets to bring you clear, well-researched information. You can be confident that we’re always in your corner, helping you make the smartest investment decisions for your portfolio.

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