The good times are over.

Volatility has become a virus in the market, keeping investors disoriented and confused. But we have an antidote to help you.

In today’s video, Ted and Clint reveal the three charts to watch for clues on where the market will go next and two exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to keep you profiting, regardless of direction.

To Inflate, or Not to Inflate?

As Ted mentioned in last Friday’s video, we’re in a paradoxical situation.

Inflation AND growth are big concerns for investors — but you can’t have both.

Ultimately, it all leads back to the Federal Reserve. People don’t know what the Fed will do next and that’s a problem.

Find out how the Fed is the primary driver of all the volatility we’re seeing and what you can do about it today.

Watch now to also hear:

  • Clint’s prediction on whether a correction or rally is ahead and how he tracks sentiment among investors.
  • The key to finding our next “rising stars.”
  • Ted and Clint’s advice on sniffing out stocks in a broader index.
  • Ted’s four important “to-dos” in this environment and how you can come out a smarter, tougher investor.
  • And more.

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Good investing,

Angela Jirau
Publisher, The Bauman Letter