Now that we’re in the homestretch of 2021, I want to take a moment to thank all our readers for a fantastic inaugural year.And give you a sneak peek at what’s in store for ’22…True Options Masters started with just 6,000 readers when our first issue went out on May 3.As of today, we’re at 115,000 readers and counting.Sounds pretty obvious in hindsight…But it was a bit of a bold idea to give Banyan Hill’s options masters an opportunity to stand on their own.After all, no one else in the industry was really doing anything quite like this.But, it was clear to me options trading was becoming more popular than ever…

Last year, options activity was up 50% from the year prior. And I felt very strongly the trend would continue.Sure enough, last month a report went out that options trading has officially become more popular than stock trading.Quartz ran an article saying: “The average daily notional value of traded single-stock options has risen to more than $450 billion this year, compared with about $405 billion for stocks, according to Cboe Global Markets Data.”It’s almost hard to believe, but it’s true.I guess this goes to explain why our readership has already exploded by nearly 2,000% in about eight months…But we have no plans of slowing down. Just the opposite in fact.2022 is going to be huge for us.We are planning to release a minimum of five new trading strategies in the new year.Including three new strategies from Mike Carr…Let’s talk about those first.

Mike’s Three Big Ideas

You may or may not know that Mike used to manage quite a bit of money 10 years ago. He and Amber actually managed over $200 million together at one point.And when we got to talking about how he managed it, I realized there was a great idea here.You see, Mike was able to narrow the universe of 7,600 exchange-traded funds (ETFs) down to the top 100 that are worth trading.And from there, he devised a way to select the top 10% each month. These top 10% were the ones poised to lead the market.Each month, you take a look at the rankings and adjust your portfolio accordingly. It’s an obvious, but effective way to target better returns with significantly less risk.So, we’re taking this strategy and turning it into a full-fledged trading advisory. It will be called Market Leaders, and it will be available in Q1.Mike required a minimum investment of $100,000 to use this strategy when he managed money. But Mike will make it available to you for less than $100.So keep an eye out for Market Leaders in the next few months.

Mike is also planning to re-launch his seminal Precision Profits strategy with a new and improved approach. It uses a proprietary indicator he calls the “Greed Gauge,” and it shows you when stocks are entering greed mode… and when investors are ready to run scared.All you have to do is buy when the indicator switches to green… and sell when it turns red.I love these stripped-down, simplified approaches from Mike. We’ve been getting this ready for you for months, and we’re excited to finally bring it to you in February.Finally, later in the year Mike will be releasing a THIRD new strategy that is his biggest and most exciting to date.You see, when Mike comes out with a new strategy, it’s usually based on a trading system he has programmed into his computer.What you may not realize, is that Mike has over 100 of these systems at his fingertips.And he’s working on a way to identify the best trade, on the best system, every single week.It’s going to be a gargantuan effort to program this exactly right, so this will be available in the second half of 2022. But we’ll let you know when it’s getting close.

Chad’s Bringing His Best

Not to be outdone, Chad is also preparing two new strategies for you…To anyone who might miss Chad’s Automatic Profits Alert, this first one’s for you!Chad is working on a new strategy using his Relative Rotation Graph — the Profit Radar he uses in Fast Lane Profits — but let off the gas just a bit.This strategy actually won’t use options at all — Chad will simply be buying stocks that are set to lead the market over the next two to three months. Then sell when they’re set to lag!We don’t have a name for it just yet, but we’re hoping to get this out to you sometime in Q2!That’s our first priority for Chad. But for those of you who enjoy his ideas in his Monday unusual options activity series, you’re going to love this!You see, each Monday in True Options Masters Chad highlights one to three trades from the past week that tell a compelling story. Like this past Monday, when one trader bet $8 million on Expedia going way, way up over the next six months.But what you may not realize, is that Chad sees opportunities like this all the time — when big money traders pile in on a huge bet.And some have much, much shorter horizons.I remember one of the trades Chad highlighted this year went up more than 600% a week later — so I’m excited to see what Chad comes up with for you!Look out for this in Q2 or Q3. :)

Are Your Options Trader Friends Reading?

In addition to all these strategies, Mike and Chad also plan on putting four comprehensive options and technical analysis courses together for you.It’s going to be an extremely busy year for us. But, I’m excited to get all these new ideas, courses, and strategies in front of you.Our mission is to be the No. 1 source for options trading guidance in the world.And we’re already well on our way with over 100,000 readers.I have an audacious goal to get True Options Masters to 500,000 readers in 2022.I’ll need your help getting our readership up that high — so if you’re enjoying True Options Masters, please share with your friends.And if YOU know someone who recently hopped on the options bandwagon, or wants to get better at trading and needs some fresh ideas, please tell them to subscribe right here.

Ciao,Chris CimorelliChief Editor, True Options Masters

Chart of the Day:Bitcoin Isn’t Done

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Bitcoin has been in a brutal, slow grind down recently. It hasn’t been great to trade, OR to own.But there are signs of life in the bitcoin chart, which I’m keeping my eye on…Chiefly is the RSI divergence we observed last week. It’s taking some time to play out, but yesterday we saw a potential downtrend break (yellow) with a bump in the bitcoin price above $49k. This could be the start of a trend change.At the same time, we’re finally seeing a clear MACD cross occur in the daily timeframe. We haven’t had a cross like that since the brief lull before things really took off in October, and from the capitulation bottom in late July. (I’ll also note, the MACD is more oversold now than it was with bitcoin prices under $30k back then.)You don’t need me to tell you twice that I’m long-term bullish on bitcoin. But with what we’re seeing on the chart today, it’s hard not to be bullish on bitcoin and all crypto assets as we cross into 2022.Regards,Mike MersonManaging Editor, True Options Masters