If you Googled “renewable energy” news this past week, you may have been surprised to read: “Shell to Buy Renewable Energy Company.”

Do you hear that? The bells toll for thee, Big Oil.

It’s hardly surprising. The Paris Climate Agreement pressured the Dutch government to tell Shell to cut emissions — or else.

The need for green energy isn’t just abroad, either.

In the U.S., President Joe Biden has asked that the power sector decarbonize by 2035. Even more surprising, he’s aiming for the economy to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Regardless of whether we hit these deadlines, though, one thing is clear — there’s a vast opportunity in renewable energy if you get in early.

Ian King has known this for a while. And that’s why readers of his Strategic Fortunes service were able to lock in profits of 301% on energy storage leader Generac Holdings Inc. (NYSE: GNRC) and 780% on solar power company SunPower Corp. (Nasdaq: SPWR).

For this month’s Service Spotlight, our own Jay Goldberg took time to interview Ian about these extraordinary gains — and how you can join in.

Service Spotlight: Strategic Fortunes

Jay: Thanks for taking some time to answer a few questions about your Strategic Fortunes trading strategy, Ian.

Ian: Happy to be here, Jay!

Jay: As you know, Strategic Fortunes subscribers sold several triple-digit winners since the start of 2021. Congratulations to everyone who made a lot of money in what was a crazy year for investing!

First off, I want to bring up Generac Holdings. You told your readers to buy it in December of 2019, and they sold it last month for a massive 301% gain.

That’s incredible! What’s the story behind this tech stock?

Ian: Generac is a $5.8 billion market leader that controls 75% of the home standby generator market.

That gave it a huge advantage when I recommended it, especially as outages were increasing across the U.S. thanks to aging electrical infrastructure.

When I first recommended it to my readers, I told them I expected it to double by mid-2021 as the energy storage business kicked into gear. But the reality was even better than I expected!

Shares soared 300% by my original deadline, so I told them to lock in gains since the reward potential was beginning to decline.

Jay: Got it. Thanks!

The next stock I want to mention today is in the red-hot renewable energy sector. Your readers bought SunPower in June of 2020.

They sold half of the position this past January for an incredible 780% profit in roughly seven months!

SPWR had a record-breaking run over the past year. What’s happening right now with solar power stocks that’s making them so appealing to investors?

Ian: In short, politics!

With President Joe Biden in office and reentering the U.S. in the Paris Climate Agreement, alternative energy stocks — and solar power in particular — are witnessing a surge in popularity.

But there’s also huge potential in solar power.

While it accounts for 15% of alternative energy production in the U.S. today, that percentage is set to grow to 46% by 2050, which means a lot of opportunities for solar companies over the next few decades.

Jay: I see. That makes a lot of sense.

Now, let’s switch gears from renewable energy to autonomous vehicles. One stock that you’ve been writing about for a while here in Smart Profits Daily is Tesla Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA).

To recap, Strategic Fortunes subscribers bought TSLA in August 2019. They ultimately closed out their entire position last year for a cumulative gain of 919%!

That was an amazing recommendation. I know many Wall Street analysts hated Tesla’s prospects back in 2019. How did your trading system tell you it was the right time to buy?

Ian: In Strategic Fortunes, I use a four-step strategy for pinpointing our next great buy. I’ll share with you what I told my readers back in 2019:

  • Tipping Point: This is a trend that serves as a catalyst for a company to shoot higher. For Tesla, it was electric vehicles growing cheaper and ultimately replacing traditional gas guzzlers.
  • X-Factor: This is a line of business that’s been overlooked by the broader market but has the potential to take off. Tesla’s X-factor was its autonomous software that can be downloaded into the majority of its existing vehicles, giving it the potential to create a fleet of robo-taxis.
  • Momentum: I look for stocks that are going up — specifically, that are trading above their 20- and 50-day moving averages. When I originally recommended Tesla, it had momentum in spades.
  • The Right Time: This is the most difficult part, but it’s the core of my strategy. Basically, no stock goes straight up. There are lulls in its climb higher, which is what we want to identify before initiating a new position. With Tesla, I knew it was the right time to buy in because short interest was at a three-year high. (And as we know, TSLA outperforms the upside when investors short it.)

Jay: That’s awesome! Thanks again for sharing all these insights with Smart Profits Daily readers today.

Ian: You’re welcome! Always a pleasure.

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