Investors are always looking for the next big innovation to put their money into.

They figure that, if they invest in the newest technological disruptor, they’ll make a fortune.

But there aren’t that many opportunities like that. Most of the time, they fall short.

So, instead of trying to make money by jumping over 10-foot hurdles, I look to walk over one-foot hurdles.

And one of these one-foot hurdle opportunities was actually nuzzled up right next to me on my couch.

Sometimes, even cuddling with me in bed!

Regardless of what’s happening in the financial markets, this one industry will continue seeing huge tailwinds.…

Whatever the Cost

Despite inflation, rising interest rates or the Russian invasion of Ukraine, one thing is certain.

Many of us won’t spare any expense to keep our pets happy and healthy…

I know I definitely won’t.

My dog Riley came into my life close to 10 years ago.

Charles Mizrahi and Riley

October 15, 2012: The day I took Riley home.

Each day we spend together, I realize how much we connect.

He just gives me a look, and I know what he’s thinking.

And I’m not the only one…

My Alpha Investor team are all pet lovers, too — every one of them!

It’s one of the many reasons we all really enjoy working with each other.

Here are some pictures of our pets hamming it up for the camera…

Millie the dog

Millie (Travis, Publisher)

Sam the dog

Sam (Joe, Head of Research)

Max the dog

RIP Max (Lina, Senior Managing Editor)

Beau & Basil dogs

Beau & Basil (Nicole, Managing Editor)

Max the cat

Max (Veronica, Assistant Managing Editor)

Tripp the dog

Tripp (Claire, Editorial Assistant)

And I’m sure if you have a pet, you feel the same way. (In fact, send your pet photos and stories in at … I’d love to see them!)

In the U.S., there’s more than one pet for every man, woman and child in the country.

So you can easily see why Americans spent more than $100 billion on pets in 2021. And that number is sure to head higher.

We’ll spend whatever it takes on vet checkups, medicines and anything else we can find to keep them healthy. Because the trauma of losing such a loyal friend is devastating.

That’s why this one company really caught my eye…

Longer Lives

Each year, more than 6 million dogs are diagnosed with cancer.

By the time the cancer is detected, it’s often too late.

But there’s a game-changing test that could change how vets detect and treat cancer in dogs.

One small company has created a simple, low-cost screening that can detect changes in cells in the earliest stages of cancer — when it’s easier to treat.

And just last week, it announced its first commercial licensing agreement, worth over $20 million. And I believe it’ll be the first of many deals going forward.

Not only will this company help our pets, but we also have the opportunity to profit from it, too.

That’s why I recommended its stock a few weeks ago to my Microcap Fortunes subscribers.

Right now, the stock continues to sell at an attractive price … but I don’t know how long that’ll be the case.

That’s why now is a great time to join Microcap Fortunes. You can find all the details right here.

Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi

Founder, Alpha Investor